Let your light shine, o firefly!

For millennia, humans have been fascinated by fireflies, watching them glow as they float lazily through the air against the dark night sky. This year, Korea’s premier theme park Everland is expanding its Midsummer Night’s Firefly Experience Program to give more pleasure to more visitors.
Everland’s Midsummer Night’s Firefly Experience Program is back, bigger than ever.

Popular with visitors

Fireflies are a sign of a clean environment, so they are not easily found in cities. But in rural areas they produce light like tiny LEDs every night, attracting city-dwellers to the countryside like moths to a candle just to look at these tiny miracles of nature.
Already the biggest firefly experience program in Korea, Everland gives its visitors a chance to closely observe about 10,000 fireflies. Because the program was so popular last year, the running time has been increased. Until August 27, people can enjoy the warm glow of fireflies here.
Fireflies are small miracles of nature, givers of light at nighttime.

In 2022, about 22,000 visitors young and old came to experience this magical nature-made moment. In fact, the program received a very high score in Everland’s customer satisfaction surveys, with some people even making multiple visits.

Well-organized education and experience program

A trip through the experience program lasts about 20 minutes. After entering the visitors’ center, you watch an educational video to learn about the life cycle and ecology of fireflies and how they glow. Then you can see eggs laid in moss to the larval stage as they move through water, and then as pupae as they prepare to transform into little flying bringers of light.

At the firefly visitor center, people can learn about the life cycle of these little glowing bugs.
After that, you will be handed a transparent container holding dozens of fireflies, and the electrical lights in the room will be turned off so that you can try to read text using only the glow from fireflies’ abdomens.
Having learned about the life and light of fireflies, visitors will move to a large forest of trees where there is no artificial light, only the glow of 10,000 fireflies glimmering from all sides.
This year, Everland has installed mirrors in all directions to reflect and multiply the effect of the light from the fireflies. There are also benches where visitors can rest and meditate on the little glowing bugs. Everland hopes that visitors will reflect and ponder on nature conservation issues when they realize that fireflies are gradually being pushed aside due to environmental pollution.
How do fireflies glow? Find out at Everland’s Midsummer Night’s Firefly Experience Program.
The Midsummer Night’s Firefly Experience Program runs from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day until Aug. 27 at the Lost Valley Education Center. More information can be found on the Everland website .
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