All that glitters is quite bold: metallic is the cool trend

It’s in pants, dresses, bags, and boots – and even on fingernails. Silver, metallic, and all things shiny are on trend this summer. British Vogue magazine called it back in January when it sought to answer the question, “Why will we all fall back in love with silver in 2023?” The answer, in short, is that it is a fresh change after many seasons of bright colors.
The silver sheen has something in common with the shimmer of the mermaidcore trend, but it is much broader than that: metallic shades can be used in many situations, from party wear to office outfits and street clothes. Although metallic can come in many colors, silver in particular gives off a cool, refreshing vibe to look at, especially in the heat of summer.

A subtle sheen or an in-your-face shine

There’s no need to be intimidated by metallic pants, for example. As Glam website points out, although it is “not a neutral or denim fabric, metallics have become the newest way to create a cohesive ensemble.” When coordinated with other garments and the right accessories, a pair of silver pants can create an exciting new look.

Left to right: Diesel, diagonal, ami

Putting a shine in your step

Anyone who thinks that others don’t pay attention to what you wear on your feet has never tried on silver shoes. A pair of shiny pumps, flats, or stilettos is sure to get people looking down at your feet and paying attention when you walk.
While many women like to coordinate their outfit from the top down – clothes first and then footwear – sometimes it’s nice to do things in reverse. Start with the shoes and work your way up. Silver shoes pair very well with an equally argentine bag , and both can be matched with a top in a light shade of gray.

Sterling silver and basic black

Solid black always looks good next to something metallic, such as a black top and a silver skirt and handbag, or vice versa. This is why black is so versatile. A pair of dainty silver earrings can offset the whole ensemble in a classy and tasteful way.
From left to right: 8seconds, Raive, Tory Burch
There is a lot of variety in silver, shiny, and metallic fashion. Whether you are ready to “go big” and wear something that catches everyone’s eye or would prefer to keep things subtle with a subdued metallic sheen there is sure to be something to match your style in this trend.
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