So many ways to enjoy roses at Everland

How many ways are there to enjoy a rose? Let us count the ways at Everland’s famous celebration of roses, now in its 38th year. May may as well be the month of roses because this queen of the flowers is in full bloom at this time.

  • Springtime at Everland is rich with delightful colors and scents.

Award-winning garden

This year, no fewer than 3 million roses of 720 different varieties hit their prime starting on May 12 in the 20,000-meter-square Rose Garden. Everland’s Rose Garden offers many ways to experience the magic and beauty of roses while also enjoying the great outdoors and performances by buskers.
Winner of the Award of Garden Excellence at last year’s World Rose Convention, the Rose Garden is a jewel in Everland’s crown.
In recognition of the hard work over almost four decades of landscaping and gardening done by the team at Everland, the Rose Garden received the Award of Garden Excellence at last year’s World Rose Convention, held annually by the World Federation of Rose Societies. This is the first time any Korean garden has received this honor.

Four gardens within a garden

Visitors to the Rose Garden this year can enjoy different themes and experiences as they stroll leisurely through each of its four sub-gardens: Victoria Garden, Venus Garden, Maze Garden, and, because roses are a symbol of love and romance, Cupid Garden.
In the month of May, 3 million roses of 720 different varieties hit their prime at Everland.
Among the 720 varieties of rose are some that have been especially bred in different countries, including Port Sunlight from the United Kingdom, New Dawn from the United States, and Nahema from France. Visitors can also see 24 new varieties of roses that Everland developed on its own, including the “Everrose.”
Everland’s own rose, the Perfume Everscape, winner of the Gold Medal at the 2022 International Rose Competition.

At the Victoria Garden people can see and smell five types of Everrose, including the Perfume Everscape, which became the first Korean rose to win the Gold Medal at the 2022 International Rose Competition .

As well as the actual flower, there are detailed pictures of its leaves, stalks, stem, and hip, as a rose’s fruit is known. Visitors are invited to compare the life-sized Everrose to the magnified pictures, learning about the biology of the flower at the same time.

There’s much more to enjoy

While walking among the roses, admiring the visual beauty, taking pictures, and stopping to smell the flowers, Everland guests are abl e to enjoy the other spring plants such as hanging basket roses, allium, and sage that work in harmony with the roses to create the most romantic opportunities for taking photos.
Photo zones abound at Everland’s Rose Garden.

Surrounded by the queen of flowers, there are also chances to enjoy food and drink during the Spring on Spoon Garden food celebration going on until May 21. Acoustic duos are even giving busking performances twice a day at the Rose Garden to add an aural element to this sensuous experience.

In short, there are very many ways to enjoy roses during the month of May at Everland. Check the Everland website for details, including open hours.

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