May is a time for fashionable gifts for all the family

May is family month in Korea, because it is the month in which both Children’s Day and Parents’ Day fall. On these days, family members commonly give gifts to each other. Wherever you are in the world, any day can be a day to give a present to a family member to show your love. This article therefore presents a curated selection of fashionable gifts for family members of various ages, not all of which are clothes.

For parents

Your mother might appreciate a high-quality diffuser, spreading a gentle, fresh scent of floral or forest notes throughout her house or workspace. Almost any conceivable scent that is pleasing to the human nose is now available in diffuser form.

For a touch of luxury, a small handbag or clutch would bring a smile to a mother’s face. It should be appropriately sized to remain practical while still giving off a sense of high fashion and style.

Scarves are not just for winter. A scarf with an attractive print can be worn with almost any outfit, no matter the season. Any mother would be proud to wear a beautiful scarf received as a Parent’s Day gift from her child.

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For Dad, a lightweight jacket made of cool fabric that drapes well and is wrinkle-resistant, like triacetate, makes the best kind of outerwear now that the weather has warmed up. A jacket that is half-lined or has no lining is even cooler.

When it comes to footwear, it’s hard to go past a shiny pair of classic loafers. They are always easy to slip on and slip off and just right for formal occasions as well as a casual day out.

Dads also love cardigans for their comfort and versatility. A cardigan doesn’t need to look old-fashioned; these days trendy ones can be seen everywhere. Look for a cardigan with an eye-catching pattern or soothing color scheme.

For children

While on the Korean calendar only May 5 is Children’s Day, many parents feel like almost every day is a day for children in some way, and children surely wish it is.

Younger family members need a good, sturdy bag to carry their things around in. These days, the sling kind is very popular, but don’t forget the classic backpack.

And there are now different sizes available, so your young boy or girl doesn’t need to lug around a bag that is too big. And what about a cute stuffed animal toy to hang from the child’s bag or backpack? They are all the rage – even adults can be seen with a fun backpack mascot that swings as they walk. Be sure to get one with a strong, solid clip.

In the warmer months, a shirt made from a piqué knit fabric (a cotton fabric with a horizontal furrow or a prominent pattern) not only looks good also but feels comfortable too thanks to its breathable quality. Patterned dresses are not just for grown-ups: girls look good in them too. Socks are always a popular gift item, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring: exciting colorful anklet socks with a logo make a fun present. And kids love running around in a sturdy pair of Crocs: a pair with a picture of a popular cartoon character adds even more fun.

For a spouse or lover

Of course, it wouldn’t be a family month without getting a gift for the one you love the most. So don’t forget your spouse, partner, lover, or boy/girlfriend in the month of May.

Accessories are a thoughtful gift idea. As we use less and less cash from day to day, a hefty wallet or purse no longer seems so necessary. Instead, a small, discreet card wallet to hold the various credit cards and so on is more attractive.

When choosing a key ring, look for a solid metal one with an attractive key fob, and make sure it is not too large to fit comfortably in a pocket.

For a man, a small, discreet bag in basic black is a fantastic place to store small necessities like a wallet, phone, and car keys without making jacket and pants pockets look bulky.

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In summer, a linen shirt is a timeless casual wardrobe essential. A beautiful shirt made of pure linen is popular with men and women and looks equally good on both. If your beloved has enough shirts for now, you can still show him or her that they are always on top of your mind with a gift hat. Nothing tops that.

When shopping for a wife or lady friend, color is of key importance. Think of her hair, eyes, and the clothes she likes to wear and look for an item with a hue that brings out those colors or forms a pleasing contrast. And a handbag that pairs well with a favorite dress or business suit is a good gift idea too.

Thinking of an item of jewelry to complete the outfit? A fun necklace that combines a precious metal with exciting colors or a pendant will add a playful touch, and a heart shape incorporated into an item of jewelry is one of the most visual expressions of love.

This Family Month, we show our love and appreciation for all our family members, older and younger. So it’s nice to know there is a gift appropriate for every member of our family, whatever their style and taste.

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