Raemian’s AI technology brings the future to life today

In countless science-fiction movies and novels, indispensable elements of future society are robots that make people’s lives easier and machines that learn by themselves. Such scenes that were only possible in human imagination just a few years ago are now becoming reality thanks to the developments of the fourth industrial revolution, such as 5G telecommunications, internet of things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). AI-powered assistants found on smartphones and smart speakers are examples.

Raemian, Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction (E&C) Group’s apartment brand, is also making efforts to let people enjoy convenient and smart living by implementing advanced technology in residential spaces. Let’s take a look at some examples of next-generation smart residential technology powered by AI recently presented by the company.

Recently, Raemian unveiled its latest smart home technology using AI.

Making smart homes even smarter with Raemian’s technology

The way we live has changed for many of us because of the COVID-19 pandemic and we’re spending a lot more time at home as a result. Reflecting this trend inside of a house, Raemian built spaces that can be used as home office or home-schooling classrooms as well as multi-purpose rooms where people can enjoy various hobbies. Also, when residents run or hit the floor, sensors detect any noise loud enough to be heard between floors and display a notification on a smart mirror.

Raemian implemented an AI solution in its existing smart home functions to analyze residents’ life patterns and provide customized environments. In each room it creates the eating, resting, or sleeping environment that a resident most prefers, including even filling the bathtub with water at the temperature that a resident likes best.

But the smart technology isn’t limited to the home; it’s just as useful in the shared spaces of the apartment complex. For instance, Raemian has developed a smart parking system that guides residents to a parking space close to their apartment building after recognizing their license plate. In addition, there are robots that can carry residents’ baggage from the car into the apartment.

Furthermore, autonomous information robots can escort visitors around community spaces, while cafe robots can make beverages and serve them to visitors at an unmanned coffee shop. Also, facial recognition has been installed at the entrance of the apartments and there are smart farms that can be checked remotely by CCTV.

All these technologies are on display in the “Raemian Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Life Hall” at the Raemian Home Lab that has recently been unveiled. Samsung C&T E&C Group aims to commercialize them within this year after verification.

Raemian realizes a customized residential environment by technology while providing the space to enjoy various hobbies.

Raemian has a platform that combines IoT with artificial intelligence: the Raemian A.IoT platform. It was developed jointly by Samsung C&T and Samsung SDS and provides a customized environment to residents, connected to global IT companies.

In order to enable collaboration with and innovation from other companies, Raemian has made its A.IoT an open platform. Companies specialized in telecommunications, web portals, mobility, security, and so on are able to connect to the platform to establish the smart residential environment. Kicking off such collaborations with 13 IT companies in 2018, it is now cooperating with 25 global IT firms.

Living in the future now in a smart village in Busan

The AI technologies by Samsung C&T E&C Group will be installed in a “smart village” in Busan Eco Delta City (EDC). EDC is a project to develop a smart city on 11.77km² land in the Gangseo district of Busan. Samsung C&T is building a smart village here, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

In this smart village, smart home technologies will be employed to create a customized residential environment. For one example, the different IT devices in the houses will be linked to the Raemian A.IoT platform. Secondly, residential data will be linked to external services like healthcare, security, and energy savings. Thirdly, intelligent video surveillance systems, smart parking controls, and smart crosswalks will be installed in outdoor public spaces. On top of that, various city solutions will be applied, including using eco-friendly technology.

Samsung C&T E&C Group will show its ability related to AI through the smart village project in Busan EDC.

Speaking about these new technologies designed to make our lives more convenient, Kim Myung-suk, Vice President of the Product Design Group at Samsung C&T E&C Group, said, “We are actively introducing various smart technologies to Raemian apartments and will use AI automation solutions to provide super-customized services.”

What will the residential environment of the next generation look like? Perhaps we can get an idea by watching more recent science fiction films. But one thing is for sure: Samsung C&T E&C Group is already thinking and planning.

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