Heart for Eye: Helping children see the Yeti

Doing something good for others while also benefiting from it gives a positive feeling. KUHO, the minimal-contemporary womenswear brand run by Samsung C&T Fashion Group, helps fashion shoppers help others while at the same time dressing to impress. For over 20 years, the Heart for Eye campaign has helped visually

Put on your cardigan: It’s time for ‘grandpa core’!

Hold on to your cardigans, because “grandpa core” is here. Last year’s fashion trends included a lot of “cores,” from balletcore to Barbiecore, and much more in between. Some of the most popular cores tap into a vein of vintage style and nostalgia. This year, dressing in a way inspired

Dancing in the street: 8seconds’ new capsule collections

Imagine what you would wear when you’re dancing in the street. You would want to look cool, but the clothes should feel comfortable and allow you to easily and gracefully perform the most impressive dance moves. Whether you are street dancing or just moving through the city, these new offerings

Hollywood actors love K-Fashion too

Korean innovative fashion brand Juun.J has attracted attention around the world from appearances at Paris Fashion Week and collaboration with luxury automobile brand Porsche. Now two Hollywood stars recently made the choice to wear Juun.J creations during a movie promotional tour, making the label even hotter. Timothée the fashionista Timothée

New schoolbags for students of all ages

Many of the little difficulties of everyday life can be solved by surprisingly simple solutions. One example is having the right container to hold your possessions as you move around during the day. Our two hands can only hold so much, while pockets are really only good for holding small

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