New schoolbags for students of all ages

Many of the little difficulties of everyday life can be solved by surprisingly simple solutions. One example is having the right container to hold your possessions as you move around during the day. Our two hands can only hold so much, while pockets are really only good for holding small

Colors of the year: Why limit yourself to two?

Just as every year is the International Year of something (the United Nations has declared 2024 the International Year of Camelids), each year has one or more colors chosen to capture a mood, sentiment, or hope for that year. This year, Samsung Fashion Institute (SFI), part of Samsung C&T Fashion

Ensconced in velvet: Juun.J brings an eccentric sparkle to new collection

Never let it be said that Juun.J is predictable in any way. For 15 years, Juun.J and its founder and creative director Jung Wook-jun have been dazzling the fashion world with creative uses of fabrics and unorthodox reinterpretations of clothing designs. This time is no different, as Juun.J unveiled its

Enjoy the tactile treats of padded and furry accessories

Which textures give a feeling of warmth in winter? We humans are tactile creatures, seeking out surfaces with a certain feel that gives comforting and pleasant sensations. When weather turns cold, we are naturally attracted to things that feel furry, fluffy, or padded because these textures feel comfortable and warm.

Samsung C&T Fashion helps find the right gifts for loved ones

When is it better to give than to receive? Surely this is always true. Maybe it is the joyous decorations and cheerful music that makes Christmas a time when that feeling is somehow more palpable. The act of giving a present to a family member, friend, colleague, or other loved

Jiyong Kim wins the 2023 Samsung Fashion Design Fund award

How do emerging fashion designers get discovered and break through to the big time? One way for designers from Korea is to be selected as winner of the Samsung Fashion Design Fund award. This year, Jiyong Kim has become the winner of the 19th SFDF award, following in the footsteps

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