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Bon Voyage, Fu Bao, you brought us so much joy!

Parting is such sweet sorrow, wrote William Shakespeare, and that can be as true when saying goodbye to an animal as it is to a human. On the morning of April 3, some 6,000 people gathered at Everland in the morning to say farewell to Fu Bao, a giant panda

Sanrio Characters visit Everland’s Tulip Festival

What do you get when Sanrio Characters come to Korea’s premier theme park in the spring? The 2024 Everland Tulip Festival! This year’s festival of flowers is a bumper harvest, with over a million tulips and other flowers, plum blossoms in bloom, and a visiting cast of cute characters.  A

Reading the future: building libraries for our modern world

In the digital age, libraries are still needed to access materials, to study alone, and to work together. Since ancient times, humans have collected writings in storehouses called libraries. Today, most universities and large cities have impressive physical libraries. Their designs have changed over time, adapting new techniques and technology,

SC&T Office Spotlight: Ulaanbaatar

We continue our Office Spotlight series by jetting over to a landlocked country on the Central Asian plateau. Around an hour by car from Chinggis Khaan International Airport, we find Samsung C&T’s subsidiary in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar. Here, Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group has maintained stable business

Dancing in the street: 8seconds’ new capsule collections

Imagine what you would wear when you’re dancing in the street. You would want to look cool, but the clothes should feel comfortable and allow you to easily and gracefully perform the most impressive dance moves. Whether you are street dancing or just moving through the city, these new offerings

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