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SC&T Office Spotlight: Riyadh

As we continue our sweep across Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group’s dozens of global offices, we move northwards from our most recent Office Spotlight installments in Accra and Nairobi to the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. More specifically, we now land in the capital of Saudi Arabia,

Samsung C&T announces new leadership

On Nov. 28, 2023, Samsung C&T announced new leadership. It has nominated Trading & Investment (T&I) Group’s Executive Vice President Lee Jae-eon for the role of president & CEO of the Samsung C&T T&I Group. Previously Executive Vice President and concurrently head of both Samsung C&T T&I Group’s Corporate Planning

Getting to know copper

At a glance Copper has been used by people since around 8000 B.C., and its applications continue to expand A bullish estimate suggests that the price of copper could nearly double by 2025 Samsung C&T performs various roles in the copper business, in which it has operated since 1981 There

Getting to know fertilizer

At a glance Global Fertilizer Day on Oct. 13 marks the anniversary of a key patent that paved the way for the modern fertilizer industry Underscored by its importance to food supply, the global fertilizer market is forecast to continue expanding steadily Samsung C&T is expanding target regions and products

SC&T Office Spotlight: Accra

When you fly into the Ghanaian capital of Accra, you land in the middle of the city. Imagine for a moment that you’re traveling to Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group’s Accra Office. You get off the plane, feeling a blast of warmth and already sensing the bustle of one

Samsung C&T’s deal to expand solar power presence in the U.S.

At a glance Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group agrees to new deal to develop 15 solar power and Energy Storage System projects in the U.S. Combined power capacity to reach 3 gigawatts, enough to cover annual demand for 600,000 American households Total land area of 6,100 acres, the size

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