Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Employee Daily Life Vlogs on YouTube

Documenting the Lives of Samsung C&T Workers Around the World

Follow the daily lives of three Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction (E&C) workers overseas in a vlog series on YouTube. The Samsung C&T E&C Group is proud to operate in 26 countries worldwide, allowing its employees to travel and work with multicultural teams. /*! elementor – v3.17.0 – 01-11-2023 */

Person holding a smart device connected to sensors via IoT technology at a construction site

Keeping Construction Sites Safe with IoT Technology

Samsung C&T is levearging Internet of Things technology to create safer work environments at construction sites and mitigate risk. This technology includes heart rate monitoring and gas, air, and temperature monitoring. As construction techniques and machinery advance, we are seeing some of the world’s tallest buildings being built. With taller

Building by the sea: Samsung C&T’s Marine Projects

Some movies about the future depict undersea cities where people live and work. While humans are not building metropolises below the oceans yet, there is more and more marine construction going on, because the sea offers infinite possibilities and resources. Building structures and infrastructure in, under, and next to the

Telling stories about human culture through construction

Every building tells a story. Some of the most interesting stories are told by buildings that serve cultural purposes. Houses and apartments tell the stories of home life, and offices and factories tell the stories of work life, while cultural spaces tell of the rich variety of experiences that humans

The Komposition: Bringing Korean home living into modern age

How can we make a home into a place that we actively want to live in? When thinking about a residential interior, it’s all in how the different parts are put together. In other words, it’s all about the composition. Or, in a Korean home, it could be “The Komposition.”

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