Bon Voyage, Fu Bao, you brought us so much joy!

Parting is such sweet sorrow, wrote William Shakespeare, and that can be as true when saying goodbye to an animal as it is to a human. On the morning of April 3, some 6,000 people gathered at Everland in the morning to say farewell to Fu Bao, a giant panda

Sanrio Characters visit Everland’s Tulip Festival

What do you get when Sanrio Characters come to Korea’s premier theme park in the spring? The 2024 Everland Tulip Festival! This year’s festival of flowers is a bumper harvest, with over a million tulips and other flowers, plum blossoms in bloom, and a visiting cast of cute characters.  A

So long, Fu Bao, and thanks for all the memories

Fu Bao the panda has now left the building – almost. After delighting crowds of admiring fans and zookeepers in Everland’s Panda World for almost four years since her birth, Fu Bao is preparing to move to China, the ancestral home of giant pandas. “Did somebody call my name?“ “It’s

Everland’s panda parenting videos trending on social media

What’s it like being a parent in a foreign country? Panda mommy and daddy Ai Bao and Le Bao, who came to Korea from China eight years ago, know all about that. They have become parents twice over at Panda World, within Korea’s Everland Zoo. And now panda fans all

Three strong reasons to visit Everland and Caribbean Bay in February

Korea’s premier theme park Everland and water park Caribbean Bay are open year-round. They are always attractive and fun places for individuals, couples, and families to visit. But this month there are three particularly good reasons to enjoy a day out there. All aboard the Snow Buster In winter, what

Not ‘Bauhaus’ but ‘Bao Haus’-Everland opens its panda gallery

If you are craving panda-related pleasure, Everland is ready to pander to your tastes. On Jan. 20 a new panda-centric attraction called Bao Haus was opened. Bao Haus, a play on words of the German architectural school Bauhaus, is a gallery where visitors can admire panda pictures, panda-related memorabilia, and

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