Documenting the Lives of Samsung C&T Workers Around the World

Follow the daily lives of three Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction (E&C) workers overseas in a vlog series on YouTube. The Samsung C&T E&C Group is proud to operate in 26 countries worldwide, allowing its employees to travel and work with multicultural teams.

Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Employee Daily Life Vlogs on YouTube

Samsung C&T’s E&C Group has office locations in 26 countries around the world, so there are many opportunities for employees to experience life abroad. Have you ever wondered what working for a Korean company overseas would be like? Our employees have been documenting their lives abroad on our YouTube channel so you can see what it would be like.

In the series ‘Samsung C&T Employee Daily Life Vlogs,’ some employees also document short-term business trips to places like India and the United Kingdom. Let’s take a deep dive and look at some of our employees’ adventures around the world. You can also learn more about the Samsung C&T E&C Group’s projects worldwide.

Graphic image showing data about Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group’s business worldwide and the type of projects they undertake, including constructing roads, bridges, energy stations, and railways.

What Business does Samsung C&T do Abroad?

The Samsung C&T E&C Group operates in 26 countries worldwide. This includes construction sites in Canada, power plants in Saudi Arabia, and offices in Indonesia, Taiwan, the UAE, and Australia. The Samsung C&T E&C Group’s sites in countries such as Qatar, Canada, and India are building roads, railways, bridges, dams, and power plants for better infrastructure in cities worldwide. With such a diverse portfolio range in many countries worldwide, some Samsung C&T E&C employees can travel to exciting places, work with teams from different cultures, and gain insights into new engineering and construction methods overseas.

A brief look at Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group’s global operations and their projects in Malaysia, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Balancing Motherhood and Work: A Business Trip to the UK

Hee-jae Kang is an engineer in the energy division at Samsung C&T E&C and a working mom striving to become a better engineer each day. Hee-jae works on gas products and LNG terminal-related tasks and works closely with subsidiary company Whessoe Engineering in the United Kingdom.

Hee-jae was brave enough to share her recent business trip to the UK to meet with the Whessoe Engineering team in person in a recent vlog on the Samsung C&T Construction YouTube channel. In the video, we Hee-jae living her daily life in Korea as an engineer and mother to Si-yoon who attends the daycare in her office building.

Work-Life Balance

Hee-jae’s vlog highlights the importance of balancing work and family by visiting Everland with her family for a Samsung Fall Picnic event. Hee-jae’s passion and strong work ethic as a Samsung C&T engineer and a mother is inspiring to watch. See for yourself below to learn more about Hee-jae and be sure to turn on the English subtitles in the settings!

The Life of a Korean Field Engineer Living Abroad in Canada

In this ‘Samsung C&T Employee Daily Life Vlog,’ Sung-soo Lee takes us through his daily life as an expatriate in Canada. Sung-soo works as a field engineer at one of Samsung C&T’s construction sites along the Peace River in northeastern British Columbia. The project involves building a hydroelectric dam across the river, where Sung-soo’s team is responsible for tunnels and concrete.

Living in Mother Nature

In the video, Sung-soo introduces us to some of his colleagues and friends, one of whom describes living in Canada as ‘a life living in mother nature.’ On his evening walk after work, Sung-soo even captures footage of bears, deer, and coyotes—just another day in the life in Canada! One of Sung-soo’s colleagues also offers some friendly advice about surviving his first Canadian winter, including a tip about lifting your windshield wipers after parking to avoid freezing to your car’s windshield!

Broadening Your Career On-Site Overseas

While watching shots of the construction site in Sung-soo’s video, it’s not hard to imagine how beautiful it must be to live and work in Canada. Sung-soo’s colleague explains the project they are working on in further detail by showing the earth-filled dam site and the concrete dam that took five years to construct and was completed in 2021.

Sung-soo can experience working in his field in a new environment with unique challenges to Canada. For example, he briefly discusses a project he is working on that collects twigs and debris in the river, which is something he has not seen in Korea. Working in a new country and culture has many benefits, and broadening your professional knowledge is one of them.

Multicultural Teams

Sung-soo works closely with people from various backgrounds. At the beginning of the video, one of his colleagues greets the camera by saying hello in Korean. Later in the video, one of Sung-soo’s Canadian colleagues describes the significant advantages of working with a culturally diverse team of young and older workers who can all work together to learn new skills.

A Planning Manager’s Quick Trip to Gurugram, India

In this YouTube vlog, Yong-gyun Choi, a planning manager in Samsung C&T E&C’s strategy group, takes us on a business trip to India. Yong-gyun documents his travels to a city in Delhi called Gurugram, which he likes to South Korea’s ‘Pangyo Techno Valley’, a hub for many technology and startup companies.

For his first meal, Yong-gyun eats plain ‘dosa’, a popular Indian pancake made from a fermented batter of rice, alongside curry and delicious fresh fruit. Experiencing new foods is a great perk when traveling abroad on business! Yong-gyun visits the Samsung C&T office in Gurugram to conduct interviews for new hires and inspect a new office for the company to rent.

The Taste of Home

In his vlog, Yong-gyun visits a convenience store that sells Korean snacks and is similar to popular convenience store chains in Korea. He also enjoys the taste of home with some Korean food with his colleagues. Of course, the trip to the convenience store is followed by a meal at a nearby Korean restaurant. Wherever you travel, it’s always important to make sure you can feel the taste of home!

Upon returning to South Korea, Yong-gyun introduces viewers to his mentee, Naha Sam, who is working as a global intern in Korea as a student from India. It is inspiring to see Yong-gyun working with diverse teams and helping mentor future generations of engineers in South Korea and beyond!

The Benefits of Working with Multicultural Teams

Watching Samsung C&T E&C employees gives viewers a great insight into what it is like for teams from different cultural backgrounds to come together to work. Samsung C&T’s global office branches allow employees to have unique experiences in cultures worldwide and work with people from different backgrounds and who may not speak the same language. While it is a challenge to work with people who may have different working styles or language barriers, working with people from different cultures can help make teams more creative and empathetic and bring together a vast amount of knowledge from different parts of the world.

Graphic image showing some examples of where Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group has local branches worldwide, including Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.
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