Heartist collaborates with Beanpole to create fashion for all abilities

It’s already been a year for the Heartist brand, and to celebrate, its sibling brand Beanpole is doing something special. To mark this one-year milestone the two styles launched a collaboration on April 20 that combines the classic family fashion of the one with the functional ease and comfort of the other.

Heartist is Samsung C&T Fashion group’s adaptive clothing brand, and Beanpole is the company’s leading traditional casual brand of clothing. Together the two fashion brands are releasing ten new styles for men and women that include items like linen checked button-down shirts and short-sleeved pique tops with the signature adaptive clothing touches.

Under the concept of “fashion for all abilities,” Heartist is showcasing business casual products with both functionality and design to ease the discomfort of people with limited mobility which the company has developed via steady and open communication and collaboration with its target potential customers.

Realization of fashion for all abilities

Heartist clothing comes with two signature customizations that make up its adaptive clothing style that are together designed to give people with limited mobility a better-fitting, easier-to-use wardrobe. The first is the action bands and the second is its magnetic buttons.

The action band is a cut of flexible fabric, similar to the fabric of a sports jersey, that is incorporated into the armhole area of the shirt. The fabric band creates a little extra give in the shirt for an easier range of arm motion.

Also, the hidden magnets of the magnetic second buttons make closing a shirt much simpler and faster, especially when in a sitting position. Anyone can just snap apart the magnets and slip the shirt on or off quickly.

The “Heartist x Beanpole” collection combines those functional features of Heartist clothing with the unique high-quality materials and design of the Beanpole identity to enhance sensation and convenience. The concept of universal design has been integrated into the Heartist x Beanpole collaboration to make clothing that is natural and comfortable for everyone to wear.

One example is a short-sleeved causal linen checked button-down shirt that offers a young sensibility and a comfortable fit. You can even wear it in the summer since it is made from a light, breathable material. The length of the garment has been optimized to look good in a sitting position, too, and it has a little extra in the sleeves, neck and waist to ensure a neat fit.

“On the occasion of the first anniversary of launching Heartist, we have designed a collaborative product that combines the functionality of the Heartist brand with the unique identity of Beanpole while making it easier and more convenient for the disabled to experience Korea’s top brand,” said Cho Hang-seok, manager of the Heartist marketing team. He added, “Based on the needs of customers who want to look good no matter their circumstances, we plan to continue to practice Heartist’s ‘fashion for all abilities’ philosophy in the future.”

The Heartist x Beanpole collaboration collection is available at SSFShop, the integrated online mall of Samsung C&T Fashion group, and a commemorative 20% discount is being offered until April 26.

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