8seconds collaborates with two young artists to create good vibes

Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s fast fashion brand 8seconds has come together with some young and hip artists. Targeting fashion-forward Millennial and Generation Z dressers, collectively called the “MZ Generation” in Korea, 8seconds has a track record of collaborating with unique Korea-based artists, including Noh Sang-ho, SOON.EASY, and Lee Yo-han. These artistic collaborations provide a constant fresh input of new perspectives and visions to the clothing of the brand with the motto “We launch styles every week.”

Back from Vacation!

For this coming fall and winter, the brand has collaborated with up-and-coming artist-cum-designers Rarebirth and Teum, two members of the global art agency AXOO, to offer new and fun garments that still convey the unique 8seconds sensibility.

Choosing as their artistic theme for this collaborative collection “Back from Vacation!”, Rarebirth and Teum have taken trendy 8seconds clothing items and added to them visual hints of travel and the melancholy feeling that you get when a fun summer vacation ends. These young artists use visual motifs from the end of a vacation such as suntanned skin, empty wallets and seashells collected from a beach, expressing them in a graphically witty way.

Rarebirth takes the feelings felt after a summer vacation and graphically expresses them on 8seconds items.

A total of 28 items of casual clothing including T-shirts, shirts, denim pants and jackets, as well as accessories such as mini-bags, a bucket hat and a wireless earphone case make up this unique collection where art meets fashion.

Teum’s illustrations with a twist are shown on 8seconds’ t-shirts.

Rarebirth is known as a graphic artist who uses various visual techniques – including playful fonts, mutated forms, and abstract images – to create the effects he intends, while Teum is an illustrator whose brightly colored, almost cartoonlike works draw on images from everyday life infused with familiar yet strange thoughts.

The logos of each of the artists show off their preferred styles.

Both artists are members of the MZ Generation, and hope that this collaboration will be popular with shoppers who share the emotions of that cohort.

Designers Rarebirth (left) and Teum (right), the latest artists to collaborate with 8seconds

First-ever gallery for a unique 8seconds experience

To top it all off, 8seconds has opened an exhibition space for the first time in its brand history. Located at its Garosu-gil store located in Seoul’s fashion-forward Sinsa-dong neighborhood, this gallery has opened in time for the launch of this collaborative collection. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience a new culture that combines both fashion and art, while these young artists will be able to raise their profile and introduce their works to a new public.

8seconds’ first gallery in Garosu-gil store

Artwork by Rarebirth (until September 16) and Teum (September 17 to October 21) as well as the whole collaborative collection will be exhibited on the first and second floors of the store.

8seconds plans to continue holding collaborative exhibitions with emerging artists working in various fields at its Garosu-gil store gallery.

“This year, 8seconds is actively collaborating with a variety of up-and-coming artists to convey feelings of youth and trendiness to the MZ Generation and to build a fun bond,” says Cho Hwan, managing director of 8seconds. “What’s more, this is the first time we’ve opened a gallery in our store, and we will offer a new and unique experience at 8seconds.”

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