Fashion’s expansion into lifestyle: A Label of curated clean beauty

Of course, fashion is not limited to clothing. There are not only trends in what we wear, but the objects we use and keep around us. Increasingly, fashion brands are expanding into lifestyle. Luxury brands like Versace and Gucci have been doing it for years, offering fragrances, crockery, skateboards, and even dog beds. But now this trend is becoming more widespread. In the stable of Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s brands, both KUHO and 8seconds have been producing lifestyle products such as tumblers, soaps, candles, incense sticks, chopsticks, floor mats, and so on for a few years.

Now enter Label C, the Fashion Group’s select shop of curated beauty products. Just as a museum curator puts together an exhibition out of the thousands of items in the storehouse, a shop curator chooses only certain products to offer to customers.

The “C” in Label C stands for “clean beauty,” referring to beauty products produced through environmentally conscious processes that put people and the environment first. This includes things from using natural ingredients that are not just mild on the human body, but also eco-friendly, all the way from the manufacturing process to the containers that hold the finished product. Label C is all about selecting brands that represent the ideals of clean beauty and making those brands available to a wider audience.

Bamford and Maison Louis Marie are just two of many high-quality brands curated by Label C.

These expansions are also in line with the rise of Millennials and Generation Z that have emerged as key groups driving and influencing trends. They base their choices on the differentiated values that brands offer and look for authenticity, ethical production and a unique experience.

Only brands that embody the principles of clean beauty are chosen for Label C’s curated collection.

Samsung C&T Fashion Group and its online shopping mall SSF Shop will continue their evolutions and expansion into the lifestyle space. Explains a spokesperson at the online marketing department of the Fashion Group, “Starting with Label C, we will provide a superior customer experience by launching various lifestyle brands.” SSF Shop already features many other lifestyle products, from furniture and home decorations to stationery items and pet care products.

Label C’s curated collection of beauty products is available at BEAKER offline stores and online at SSF Shop.

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