Juun.J and Reebok reinvent sneakers

The new Pump Court sneakers by Juun.J and Reebok have at last been released.

The shoes were first shown off back in December 2019 when Juun.J turned heads at Paris Fashion Week with its leather-inspired Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

Juun.J & Reebok collaboration Pump Court sneakers at Paris Fashion Week

Since 2007, global fashion brand Juun.J has become one of the most notable brands at Paris Fashion Week. Part of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, Juun.J is renowned for its creative collaborations. The collaborative partner this time is Reebok, with more than a century of history making athletic shoes and sportswear.

Juun.J and Reebok have collaborated to reinterpret the sneaker as Pump Courts in 4 colors.

Reebok’s Pump iconic line of laceless athletic shoes was first launched in 1989, and since then has appeared in dozens of styles and several collaborations. The newest is “Pump Court,” a collaboration with Juun.J that fuses its sensuous designs with Reebok’s signature sneakers.

A mix of textures has been used to give the sneakers a modern and sophisticated feel in a single color, something not otherwise expected in other shoes. These stylish monochrome Pump Courts also contain pursuit of minimalism and refined beauty that define Juun.J’s brand identity. They come in white, gray, emerald, and black.

Another aspect of this collaboration is a capsule collection of hats, socks and windbreakers, the last featuring the logos of both Juun.J and Reebok as well as the former’s unique silhouettes.

Both brand names feature on these windbreakers.

“We continue to collaborate with different brands and designers every season to expand our communication with the millennial generation,” said Jung Wook-jun, eponymous founder and creative director of Juun.J. “We hope that these shoes by Reebok, which has more than 100 years of history in sportswear, will serve as a new source of inspiration and joy for customers around the world,” he added.

Collaboration items are available at SSF Shop, the online shopping mall of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, as well as at Juun.J’s offline stores, Reebok’s offline stores worldwide and select shops such as SSENSE, Joyce, Harrods, and Galeries Lafayette.

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