Fake fur: The real way to keep warm this winter

With plummeting daytime temperatures and gusts of icy wind blowing, people’s interest in winter clothing items that will keep them warm is understandably high. Fur has always been a popular choice for its ability to trap in heat as well as its pleasing feel and look.

Recently, however, ethical consumption which takes animal welfare into consideration has risen. Top brands such as Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani and Gucci have joined the turn away from cruelty by declaring their plans to go fur-free. This has led fake fur, or eco fur, to outshine real fur and take center stage, demonstrating several advantages in practicality such as price, weight and ease of care.

Infinitely flexible

Fake fur outerwear in particular has reached a point of unprecedented popularity this year. This is in part because of the growing trend towards soft materials, as people seek a feeling of comfort and stability through fashion. It also is in line with the emergence of one-mile wear that is at the same time comfortable yet fashionable, as fake fur also offers more warmth than simple coats and more style than puffer jackets.

Fake fur is also versatile: it can be applied to a greater range of colors and designs than real fur. Accordingly, more diverse items with variations in colors, patterns, texture and detailing are emerging this season. No longer limited to mainly achromatic colors such as beige and ivory, fake fur enables the use of blues, greens, and pinks. There is also a greater variety of types of garments, from athletic zip-ups to more formal jackets and coats.

Far left: KUHO has made a creative choice of calm blue for its shirt-like fake fur coat. Left: OIAUER’s light green eco fur jacket can make a bold winter fashion statement. Right: KUHO shows zip-up jackets can be both casual and classy by using imitation mohair. Far right: Beanpole Ladies has released a cozy feel fake mouton trucker jacket.

Casual or elegant? Fake fur has you covered

With the ongoing retro craze, the crop top trend that swept this summer by reinterpreting garments popular in the 1980s and 90s continues to this winter. Short fake fur jackets and coats are relatively light and comfortable when moving around, making them a good choice to put the finishing touches on a style. Moreover, they give the human body a better sense of proportion. From a turtleneck with pants to a long dress with high boots, various moods and looks can be created, whether casual or elegant.

Left: kuho plus’ short fur jacket matched with jogger pants gives off a jaunty air. Right: 8seconds has created a vintage and elegant mood by combining its high-neck short shearling jacket with a floral-pattern dress.

A furry compliment

Beyond outerwear, fake fur is expanding its reach to clothes such as vests, sweatshirts and dresses, as well as accessories including bags, hats and shoes. Used in the right way, fake fur accessories are a good highlight to a simple and casual look. Choosing one with a unique pattern such as leopard skin or Fair Isle increases the effect.

Left: KUHO’s signature bucket bag is here reimagined in fake fur with a leopard skin pattern. Right: kuho plus’ shearling teddy mini bag feels warm to the touch.

You can find out more at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall.

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