Label C lands offline in Bamford store & spa

With the constant stream of technological innovations, many of our activities are now possible online. One particularly prominent area is shopping. A recent forecast expects e-commerce user penetration to hit 63.1% by 2025. This has led some to question the role of offline stores and even predict the end of the traditional shopping environment. But offline shops are evolving in their own direction using their chief irreplaceable quality – physical presence.

First Bamford store in Korea launched by Label C

Launched in November last year, Label C is a select shop that curates brands around the world that advocate clean beauty. The items are produced by different brands, each known for high standards of quality and production processes that consciously put people and the environment first.

Label C is Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s curated clean beauty shop.

And the select shop has recently brought one of its curated brands – Bamford – offline to The Hyundai Seoul department store in central Seoul.

The newly opened Bamford store is minimalist yet warm.

The new Bamford store, with a unique interior lined with wooden rods, gives an uncluttered and comfortable feel. Against this minimalist backdrop are displayed Bamford’s beauty products, all of which are certified by the Soil Association, a British organic certification agency. There is also eco-friendly clothing with comfortable silhouettes, as well as lifestyle products such as tartan bags, candles and tea collections.

Unique in-store wellness experience

But what makes this store truly stand out is more than merely the soothing look and high-quality products. This is a place where visitors can not only shop but also actually experience the sustainability and holistic living that the concept of clean beauty pursues. This is where the store goes the extra mile.

Visitors can choose to receive facial and body care services using the brand’s natural and organic spa products at the in-store spa. A quick and complete isolation is available from the busy outside world and noises to spend some quiet alone time to relax at the heart of the big city. A variety of wellness programs for physical, mental and spiritual health are also on offer such as meditation and sound healing.

Head of Label C Lee Jae-hong explains, “Starting with Bamford, we will strengthen the branding of clean beauty house Label C and adopt various retail strategies to offer diverse customer experiences.”

With many more to come, this truly is a space worth lingering a while to savor the wellness lifestyle.

Bamford offers a variety of high-quality beauty and lifestyle products as well as a day spa.
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