Blurred boundaries shape S/S 2021 womenswear trends

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the dividing line between our daily activities has been smashed into pieces. This has made comfort the king of fashion, and that shines through in the fashion world’s 2021 Spring/Summer womenswear collections. Also, floral prints are a hot concept, as is mixing-and-matching.

As Lim Ji-yeon, head of Samsung Fashion Institute, said, “In the New Normal of the pandemic era, fashion has broken the boundaries between formal and casual, and home wear and office wear.”

Comfort takes center stage

The trends this season mean less tight-fitting pencil skirts and more relaxed-fit sweatshirts and sweatpants, hoodies, windbreakers and knit cardigans fit for all occasions from relaxing at home, through telecommuting, to short excursions outside the home.

Also, along with the continuance of athleisure as a trend, we can add workleisure to our collection of apparel neologisms. In August 2020, the New York Times described workleisure as having “the same implications of comfort” as athleisure, and “more creative than ‘business casual,’ which was really just a suit with a mismatched jacket and pants.”

Left: Beanpole Ladies this season has launched comfortable garments good for both inside and outside the home. Right: KUHO’s one-mile wear combines a minimalist sensibility with practicality and style.

Experiment playfully by mixing and matching

Once more a reminder that boundaries are being eroded and broken, this season is seeing a lot of mixing and matching of styles and moods. By combining various elements of what was once considered formal with something casual, sporty and street, fashion-forward women are creating exciting new individual styles.

Head of kuho plus Bae Yoon-shin comments, “This year’s trendy styling hinges on mixing tailoring and casual items to bridge that can be both for dressing up and down,” recommending a mix and match coordination of, for example, a graphic T-shirt and a jacket or a baseball cap as a statement item with a dress.

Left three: kuho plus’ S/S 2021 collection consists of a whole range of apparel can easily be mixed and matched with each other without feeling out of place. Far right: 8seconds picks jogger pants as this season’s key item, fashionably matched with a cropped knit and cardigan.

Spring bursts forth in pastel colors and floral prints

With neutral colors as the focus, subtle pastels and bold, cheerful colors will be big this spring and summer, such as soft lilacs and bright yellows.

And of course, it wouldn’t be spring without some seasonally appropriate floral prints. As we look forward to coming out of pandemic-caused lockdowns and social distancing, flower patterns inspired by nature and printed with bright colors on relaxed fit apparel add a visual ray of hope to the mood.

eft: Plan C’s S/S 2021 collection was inspired by flowers and colors from the Swiss Alps. Center: Tory Burch has also incorporated flower prints on her feminine yet comfortable clothes for this season. Right: kuho plus’ pastel mint green T-shirt contrasts vividly with a neutral beige suit.

You can find more ideas at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall.

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