Juun.J brings new volume to its S/S 2022 collection unveiled at Paris Fashion Week

At the recent Paris Fashion Week, youth and street culture-inspired brand Juun.J revealed its Spring/Summer 2021 collection digitally. This launch by the Samsung C&T Fashion Group fashion house has been named “You Get Off.”

In this collection that focus on themes of lightness and youth, designer and brand founder Jung Wook-jun has used ultra-light blended fabrics to express lightness in such a way that wind blowing from a certain angle gives the clothes extra volume and creates rich silhouettes. As he said to WWD, “Wind is the most beautiful element among the intangibles.”

Maxi dresses and puffed skirts show off Juun.J’s signature volume.

What’s more, oversized fits paired with unconventional mini-length pants, skirts and military motif accessories create new and unique stylings. Red and blue are used as highlight colors against a more muted background of black, navy, gray, and khaki.

The juxtaposition of different silhouettes creates a striking mood.

True to form, the collection video shows Juun.J’s models striding purposefully across the screen, the wind catching their garments so that they seem to swell and float. At first they appear to be dressed only in black and white, but at certain moments the video switches to color, revealing bold and eye-catching tones.

Another kind of volume: Musical collaboration

Korean musician Code Kunst has collaborated with Juun.J for this collection. Code Kunst is known for his unique music writing skills and already has four albums to his name. He composed the title song “You Get Off” that is the soundtrack to Juun.J’s Paris Fashion Week launch video.

Juun.J commented about this R&B track, “Code Kunst’s new tune melts perfectly into this collection and reinterprets the identity of Juun.J through visual and auditory sensations.”

Good looking in classic spectacles

Not content to have just one collaboration, Juun.J also enlisted the help of British luxury eyewear maker Cutler and Gross. This brand became famous when worn distinctively by the main character in the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service.”

In the Paris Fashion Week video that launches Juun.J’s “You Get Off” collection, the models – the designer calls them his muses – are seen wearing vintage and classic looking Cutler and Gross sunglasses while moving around in the bright sunshine.

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