Finding nature in the heart of Seoul at Label C’s new flagship store

The times when people would use cosmetics without paying much attention to ingredients or production processes are behind us. As reported by the New York Daily News, “clean beauty” is one of the top ten skincare trends for 2021. Responding to the desire of consumers to know what they are putting on their skin, clean beauty describes the growing response of producers to be more transparent about product ingredients and their sourcing.

That shift in thinking about cosmetics is what gave rise to the birth of Label C, a select shop of beauty products. The “C” stands for clean beauty, or beauty products that use mild ingredients for the skin and that keep people and the environment in mind during the production process.

Now Label C has opened its own flagship store in Seoul’s fashionable Garosu-gil area. The facade of the store reminds passers-by of the look and feel of earth among its often brightly colored modernist neighbors. Upon entering the store, you can be forgiven for thinking that you have stumbled upon a forest trail.

A piece of nature in downtown Seoul​

Label C’s new flagship store is not simply a place to display products but rather creates a space where one can feel nature around them with all their senses. The ears pick up the gentle sounds of nature over the sound system, the nose detects the scent of wood, the washstand is a single carved wooden block that invites touch, and wood pipes of different heights remind one of natural shapes and the flow of nature. The overall effect of the store’s interior gives a feeling of comfort and peace.

The store certainly does offer an experience where one can feel the clean beauty and clean lifestyle of Label C with their whole bodies by creating a little pocket of nature in the heart of the city.

A philosophy that prioritizes health and happiness​

As the unique layout of its flagship store suggests, Label C emphasizes healthy beauty and a happy future before momentary good looks. When curating its lineup of available brands and beauty products, Label C constantly puts that philosophy into practice.

The world’s leading eco-friendly and mild-on-skin beauty brands are available at the new Label C flagship store, including Maison Louis Marie, Bamford, Absolution, Juice Beauty, J. Hannah, Nuori and Christophe Robin.


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