Cheerfulness and retro vibes to symbolize S/S 2022

The spring and summer season 2022 is all about bringing fun and enjoyment back to women’s fashion, especially with the use of lots of color. It is at last time to compensate for the last two years of suppressed flair and muted shades.

That is one explanation for the revival of trends that were popular around the turn of the millennium, also known as Y2K. As well as bold colors, we are witnessing a return to figure-hugging and skin revealing garments, floral motifs, hand-stitched embroidery and other bold flourishes. Tailoring is back in too, dressed up but without forsaking comfort.

Samsung Fashion Institute Director Lim Ji-yeon says, “This spring and summer, women’s fashion is going to be the most bright and colorful we have seen in years,” adding, “The free and open Y2K fashion was the standout look of the end of the last century, but we are also seeing the appearance of a vintage bohemian look, suits that maintain a comfortable feel and mood-lifting dopamine dressing.”


Bringing the millennium back to the future​

As reported here in a recent story, Millennials and Generation Z (Generation MZ) are bringing back the fashions of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Yes, Y2K is back, as a revival of the past for older generations and as a retro celebration for younger fashionistas.

A possible reason for this renaissance of Y2K looks is that the current coexistence of hope side by side with uncertainty closely resembles the feeling at the end of the last century. That mixed feeling of expectation and concern was part of what gave birth to the sexy mood and cheekily revealing items of the original Y2K. We see it once again with a resurgence of interest in crop tops, low-rise pants and mini skirts.

Left: This leather mini skirt with a baseball cap and sweatshirt from 8seconds gives a preppy, sporty feel.
Right: A short denim skirt from kuho plus is paired with a loose jacket.

Leather biker jackets and cargo pants, which were a big hit in the liberated and unconventional 1990s, are typical examples of Y2K fashion that are once more popular. Midriff revealing bustiers, calling to mind pop star Madonna in the 1990s, and bulky leather jackets are finding new fans. Combined in a nonchalant way with blue jeans creates a cool, devil-may-care look.

Going vintage with floral and handicraft highlights

As the season of blooming flowers and plants, it seems natural that womenswear this spring will feature colorful floral motifs and prints. A strong emphasis on soothing floral patterns evoking drawn from vintage interior designs. These patterns evoke a romantic mood and offer a calming feast for the eyes.


Left: LEBEIGE has brought floral patterns and crocheting into its Spring/Summer 2022 collection.
Right: Beaker’s full-length collared dress with delicate flower print pairs nicely with an oversize knit cardigan to bring out a vintage mood.


As well as a return of flower power, we can expect to see a touch of handicrafts with the use of crocheting, macrame, and fringes or tassels. These decorations give spring and summer wear a free-spirited, bohemian look and feel.


Suits relaxed enough to look cool in

For a year or two loungewear took over the fashion world for many women, but this year tailoring is coming to the fore again. But the centrality of comfort is being maintained, so today’s suits are being made so that they look good but also feel good. It is possible to imagine relaxing in a modern suit because of the present-day balance of comfort with formality. A generous fit, a long line: this is what is needed. Oversized jackets and a loose pair of pants reach a happy compromise between comfort and refinement.

Left: KUHO exemplifies modern, comfortable formalwear in this light gray suit with relaxed fit and wide pant legs.
Right: In another reminder of the 1990s, a suit from kuho plus can be given a sexy twist by wearing a bra top or bustier under the jacket.

Dopamine dressing to lift the mood​

The concept of dopamine dressing – wearing bright colors to “trick” the brain into feeling happier – has been around for a few years. However, the last two years have pulled this idea to center stage, and this year women want to wear colors that give us the right kind of energy.

A warm and soft shade of yellow gives emotional stability while a bright purple radiates lively energy. These two colors convey positive and hopeful vibes. Therefore, it is no surprise that many brands have released items with not only purple and yellow, but also pink and other cheerful hues.

Left: Beanpole Ladies uses the lively energy of purple in an alpaca knit cardigan and a lavender bomber jacket.
Right: Feel the cheerful warmth radiated by this sunny yellow cardigan from kotelo.

These items and more are available online at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s website.

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