Getting hooked on crochet fashion

As travel sentiment explodes in the atmosphere of COVID-19’s “endemic” transition, resort looks that can be worn at vacation spots are gaining popularity. The fashion industry said that comfortable one-mile wear has been popular regardless of the season for the past two years, but this summer, products that reflect colorful hues, exotic patterns and bold designs are gaining popularity in anticipation of vacations.

In particular, “Crochet Fashion,” which is cool and suitable for a resort look, will become a trendy item this summer. Crochet fashion is a retro fashion that was popular in the mid-to-late 90s, and its harmony of vintage and glamour is again appealing to the current MZ generation.

Loose weave crochet gives a refreshing feeling even on hot summer days because it is more breathable than dense fabric produced in factories. Crochet is an item suitable for resort styling because of its colorful hues and patterns that attract attention, as well as being used as a resort look that can create a vacation mood from simple belongings to urban areas. Here we are introducing the endless changes in crochet.

Your everyday life: Crochet

As the busy modern society and the young generation, who are tired of urban life, yearn for the peaceful rural life of the past, crochet, the epitome of “cottage core,” is giving people a comfortable feeling. Mini crossbody bags, which can easily fit small belongings such as cell phones and wallets, and bright and pretty knit bags are perfect for walking around nearby neighborhoods, and crochet hats are light and breathable, especially in hot summer. Instead of leather or cloth, crochet props that look light and comfortable are now permeating our daily lives.

Perfect for summer beaches

Crochet, which is full of fun to watch with its texture alone, is especially suitable for summer beaches. A cute bustier top that can be casual and fresh is perfect for a beach walk. Also, as Vogue reported in April, crochet swimsuits are now gaining popularity, so it is good to take them to the water at least once. And a crochet short-sleeved blouse that can be worn on top of a swimsuit to keep you warm.


A resort look in the city

There is nothing like “Crochet” as an item that can make you feel like you’re at a vacation spot in the city center and ordinary daily life.

First of all, a lace vest that feels hand-knitted and can be worn on either front or back is a cool item. If you wear it over a sleeveless top or chiffon dress, you can make it unique, and you can use it in a variety of ways for some time to come. A crochet dress with a fresh and lively feel can also give a new boost to your tired daily life. In addition, colorful cardigans are essential items that will catch people’s attention while protecting them from the cold air of the air conditioner in the middle of summer.

Crochet that covets luxury brands

As if my grandmother had woven it, affectionate crochet fashion can be found even in luxury brands. Interesting products such as bags, sneakers, and belts are now made only of crochet. As if proving to be a trendy item this summer, crochet is being applied to products beyond our imagination. Crochet is now even becoming something coveted by luxury brands.

As such, crochet is becoming more sophisticated and will evolve more and more. This summer, why don’t you get at least one crocheted item that makes you feel like you’re in a resort in your daily life as well as for your summer vacation? Let’s fall into the charm of crochet, a comfortable yet colorful emotional item!

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