Celebrating its 10th birthday, BEAKER opens new Seongsu flagship store

Known as the Brooklyn of Korea, Seongsu-dong just got even hotter. Already host to global brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci, and hip new domestic labels ADERERROR and MUSINSA, this neighborhood now boasts the third flagship location of Samsung C&T Fashion Group youth store BEAKER.

The new BEAKER store in Seongsu embodies the concept of Glittering Youth.

Blending cultures

Over the last decade, BEAKER has established a brand identity as a “culture blending union,” weaving the sensitivities of brands and designers and creatively reinterpreting trends to create a culture beyond fashion. BEAKER seeks to create a brand experience for younger generations by curating brands, trends and cultures from around the world with its own unique perspective.

BEAKER blends brands, trends, and cultures together to form a new union.

For a decade now, BEAKER has introduced various cultures and lifestyles to young people, especially members of Generation MZ, which includes Millennials and Generation Z, and has developed its own unique brand as a curated platform.

In commemoration of its 10th birthday, BEAKER has launched several products created in collaboration with Yerin Baek, a famous young Generation Z singer-songwriter. Furthermore, the brand has selected virtual singer, dancer and entertainer APOKI to be its digital ambassador, linking the real world with the virtual one. Since her debut in early 2021, APOKI has already gained millions of fans around the world for her virtual concerts.

The neighborhood of Seongsu is already home to many well-known international and local lifestyle brands.

The Third Flagship

After successfully opening its first and second flagship stores in the Seoul neighborhoods of Hannam and Cheongdam in 2012, BEAKER launched its third flagship store in Seongsu on November 18th to mark its 10th birthday. This district was chosen because it is a haven for Generation MZ, drawn to its appealing vibe of old meets new, converted industrial spaces and warehouses, and proximity to the Han River and Seoul Forest.

BEAKER has used mostly recyclable and reusable materials for the new store’s interior.

The new three-story flagship store is 324 square meters in size, embodying the concept of Glittering Youth to capture the changes wrought in the neighborhood led by young artists and entrepreneurs who bring together past, present and future. The sparkle and shine of youth are expressed in the store through glazed tiles, objets d’art made of PVC or by 3D printing techniques, shafts of light that seem to penetrate the center of the store and custom walls that look as if they are studded with crystals.

Each floor of BEAKER’s Seongsu store provides a bright and colorful space for Generation MZ to enjoy and explore.

In keeping with its philosophy of sustainability, BEAKER pursued a responsible architectural style and used mostly recyclable and reusable materials for the interior of the Seongsu flagship store.

The first floor is a lifestyle zone consisting of a pop-up space, trendy new brands that appeal to Generation MZ, and accessories, whole the second floor shows off the essentials of BEAKER’s curation collection of domestic and foreign brands and original products. The third level houses brands popular with Generation MZ such as Maison Kitsuné, Danton, and Sporty & Rich.

Objects d’art and the display surfaces add color and light to create a fun, playful space inside BEAKER.

Reflecting on the significance of opening the new flagship store here, BEAKER head Song Tae-geun said, “As a commercial district that draws attention not just domestically but internationally, Seongsu will be an opportunity for us to connect, combine, and blend various cultures, as well as put life into the market.”

More information can be found at Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall SSF shop.


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