Chuurucks by 8seconds brings fashion to the youth

These days pop-up stores or restaurants are popular ways to introduce people to products or foods they might not have tried before. For a limited time, a store opens in a trendy neighborhood displaying the hippest and newest lines of a particular brand. Mobile pop-up stores resembling food trucks are also popular now, introducing everything from Hello Kitty merchandise to Malibu Barbie-themed apparel to new generations of fans.

Mobile pop-up store Chuurucks brings fashion to the people.

Samsung C&T Fashion Group label 8seconds has rolled out a special mobile store that will travel the top cities of Korea for four weeks giving people a fun and fleeting chance to see the fall-winter offerings of 8seconds while experiencing a brush with fame.

Keep on rolling

8seconds is a fast-fashion brand in Samsung C&T Fashion Group, taking its name from a Japanese educator who found that it takes only 8 seconds for a person to come to grips with a new situation or to become acquainted with somebody new. In a similar vein, 8seconds seeks to capture the eyes and attention of young fashionistas in the same short period of time.

Chuurucks is a mobile pop-up store from Samsung C&T Fashion Group label 8seconds.

Since it resonates naturally with younger people from Millennials to Generation Z (often together called Generation MZ), a mobile pop-up store seems a good way to present the brand’s trendy winter outerwear to MZ members in Seoul and Busan.

Choose Chuurucks!

Chuurucks gives people a chance to try on the garments directly inside the mobile store.

People can actually try on the garments inside the mobile store.

The Chuurucks’ first appearances were on Oct. 27 in the newly trendy Seongsu neighborhood north of the Han River and the always hip Garosugil area in the Sinsa neighborhood south of the Han. Drawn by the chance to try on some cool warm clothes and discuss fashion with young, energetic stars, 300 visitors were drawn to the first appearances of the Chuurucks mobile store. It also appeared in Busan, the second-largest city in Korea, in November. 

This year 8seconds has created a range of winter items for men and women to keep them warm while looking good, including short padded jackets, duffle coats, handmade coats, wool-blend twill jackets, bouclé ear warmers, angora beanies, and much more.

The items can be ordered from SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall, or at offline brick-and-mortar 8seconds stores.

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