Turn up the volume: Bigger is back in fashion

It is time once again to celebrate size – or, to be more correct, oversize. In 2023, the “big and boxy” look is back in style. Formal or informal, whether it is wide jeans or cargo pants paired with a sloppy joe sweatshirt, or big-shouldered business suits that remind one of a Talking Heads music video, wide is the way and generous are the fits. In the 2023 fashion ride, tight and slim are taking a back seat for now.

Who wears the pants?

After three years in which lounge and home wear ruled supreme, the increase in formal occasions like going in to the office, attending weddings, and taking part in networking events has seen the demand for suits and other smart clothing grow. Many of this year’s fashions hark back to the 1980s, when size was all that counted. At Milan Fashion week last September, boxy jackets, oversize coats and other examples of big volume were to be seen all over.

As the New York Times and Style Caster have attested, big men’s and women’s pants are striding straight out of the retro past and onto the 2023 fashion scene. Wide pant legs and big cuffs combined with a tapering waist are all the rage right now. The cuffs can be worn high, ending just above the foot and exposing the shoes, or low, reaching almost down to the ground and hiding any footwear.

Oversize pants look good in both formal – suits and slacks – and in casual outfits – denim jeans and lounge pants. Offering ease of movement and a less restrictive feel, they also exude an air of confidence and self-assuredness.

Voluminous tops

The big and boxy look has also added volume to clothing worn above the waistline: oversize shirts, cardigans and sweaters are all the rage this year. A baggy top is easy to put on and take off again, helping it to feel more generous and liberating than a tight, figure-hugging one.

Men have long known that a loose-fitting shirt, unbuttoned and worn over another shirt or T-shirt, can easily function as a light jacket. Meanwhile, women are rediscovering that billowing blouses with big collars and puffy sleeves carry an air of gracefulness and romance. Oversize sweaters have long been a favorite garment of teenagers enjoying their leisure time, but now you are as likely to see a chunky pullover in an office as you are at home. And loose and baggy fit cardigans are equally beloved by women and men, young and old, for their warmth and comfort.

On top of it all: Jackets and coats

To top it all off, one needs to have just the right big and boxy jacket or coat to wear outdoors. The best thing about an oversize outer garment is that it makes it easy to wear multiple layers underneath for warmth, which is especially useful in cold weather.

It is still winter now, so a delightfully warm wrap-coat that acts like an all-round thermal blanket is a good choice. Vegan leather and shearing have come a long way since their early days; they are now almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

The above items and many more big and boxy garments can be found online at Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s SSF shop.

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