Opening an aperture to the appearance of culture

As every photographer knows, an aperture is the small opening through which light enters a camera to create a lasting image. But now the word has a new meaning: an opening through which culture enters and appears to us. “The Aperture,” made by putting together elements of “appear” and “culture,” is a new brand of women’s clothing launched this month by Samsung C&T Fashion Group.

Violet and tweed as reinterpreted through The Aperture

Reviving the golden oldies

After launching womenswear labels kuho plus, kotelo and street casual brand Sand Sound targeting Generation Z in recent years, with this new launch of The Aperture, Samsung C&T Fashion Group is seen as strengthening its portfolio of brands for women in the Millennial Generation and Generation Z (known together as the Generation MZ).

The Aperture is expected to attract the attention of women in their mid-20s and 30s who like a look that is both stylish and practical, especially women who prefer garments that can be worn anytime, anyplace, regardless of the occasion.

The generation of women aged 25 to 35 are at that age where they are moving on from the sporty, casual clothing of their teenage years and are starting to appreciate the classic looks of yesteryear. That is why The Aperture has as its core concept “new classic;” reinterpreting iconic items of culture and fashion that have been popular before and introducing them to a new cohort. In keeping with the MZ Generation’s preference for digital shopping, The Aperture is available exclusively through online channels.
Reviving traditions: shades of purple and pink and soft knitted pullovers

It’s not twee to like tweed

For its first collection, The Aperture has chosen the concept of “vintage revivalist,” choosing selected vintage looks and reinterpreting them in a modern way to give them a fresh sensibility. One such revived vintage item is the tweed jacket.

As has been reported here before, tweed is a classic, warm fabric that never goes out of style. As women age out of their teens and enter the world of adulthood and work, they are ready to appreciate the joy of wearing tweed.  Tweed jackets were already a retro hit in the 1990s and have now been imagined afresh with three different cuts such as silhouette, texture, detail.

The “new hip line tweed jacket” takes the high-quality tweed fabric produced in Scotland and Italy and combines it with a more rounded shoulder and roomy sleeve volume to create a sophisticated look. Meanwhile, the “grandfather jacket,” as the name suggests, looks like it could have come straight out of your granddad’s wardrobe, albeit with a unisex silhouette. And the “boy tweed jacket” with its straight silhouette and black collar gives off a chic vibe.

To pair with a tweed jacket, this vintage revivalist collection offers tweed skirts and pants, brown check pleated skirts inspired by ones from the 1990s, and soft-to-the-touch knitted cardigans and pullovers. The key colors for this season are black, gray, and shades of purple and pink.

With its pleated skirts, cardigans, and sweaters, the first collection from Aperture gives off a classically stylish and practical vibe.

A new look for each season

In describing the new label, an official from Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s new business development team said, “We are launching The Aperture as a new women’s clothing brand that reinterprets the cultures of various eras in a modern way,” adding, “With its unique combination of style, creativity, and practicality that provides fresh look at contemporary beauty, we hope it will attract many fans.”

Unlike other brands that focus on maintaining a unified style throughout the seasons, The Aperture will choose and showcase fresh new concepts each season. This will allow a new and unique clothing culture to appear through the opening that The Aperture presents to us with each seasonal collection.

The above items and this season’s “vintage revivalist” collection from The Aperture can only be found online at Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s SSF shop.

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