Summer styling to look cool in the heat

Summer is upon us, and as the mercury keeps creeping closer to 30 degrees Celsius, people are looking for cooler garments to wear outdoors. Fashion stores have already put their summer wear items on prominent display, causing workers and students itching for a vacation to eye cool clothing to find what looks good.

The diverse range of womenswear labels nestled within Samsung C&T Fashion Group offers a variety of well-coordinated looks to help anybody look great and feel comfortable during those hot summer months. We present this mini-look book to give a sneak peek at what to expect and what to wear outdoors in the hot weather.


The contemporary womenswear with a modern aesthetic, brand KUHO is a big name in Korean fashion for young urban women. Its 2023 summer collection features use of cool fabrics like cotton, polyester, nylon, and linen. Colors this season are refreshing and crisp looking ivory, a light and minty green, and an attractive crisscross print that incorporates various shades of blue. Sleeves are short- or half-sleeve and the pants and skirt are wide and roomy to allow maximum airflow to keep the wearer cool.

KUHO marries ivory with green and a blue print to create a soothing harmony of colors.


BEAKER has been called a “culture blending union,” curating brands, trends, and looks from around the world and blending them with its own unique perspective. BEAKER ORIGINAL has opted for mostly natural cotton and cotton blends for this season’s looks. Short overalls (or “shortalls”) are popular this summer, looking casual while cute at the same time, pairing effortlessly with a crop T-shirt. A bright orange skirt with a light yet practical half-sleeve pocket blouse, topped off by an acid wash cap could equally well be worn to a party or a trip to the beach. On those days when it can vary between hot and just warm, a fun jacquard knit vest with a leaf pattern worn over the top of a T-shirt is a great combination combined with a pair of navy shorts.

Keeping it cute and casual, BEAKER ORIGINAL continues blending cultures to create its own special mix.


Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s casual brand 8seconds invited YouTuber and influencer Park Naeon , who came to fame through a Korean dating reality show, to curate a variety of summer fashion looks.

In the first styling, she combined a daring-looking denim skort (a fusion of a skirt and shorts) with a fun crop T-shirt featuring an image of 2 pieces bread and a nylon ribbon hand-crocheted shoulder bag. Then she became a little fancier, pairing a long back cargo maxi skirt with an ivory tweed sleeveless top and a beige knit boater hat. For her third pick, Naeon put together demure yet practical grey cargo pants with a midriff revealing light pink shirring T-shirt.

Naeon shows coordinated looks using 8seconds clothing.

In the YouTube video below, fashionista Park Naeon proudly shows off her entire 8seconds haul and all the various looks she curated:
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Three-time winner of the Samsung Fashion and Design Fund award and Paris Fashion Week regular Juun.J never tires of combining bold and interesting elements together to create new and exciting looks. This summer, blue denim is the base material, with creative and exciting results.
Juun.J’s denim layered mini shirt-dress appears at first glance to be a number of garments worn as an ensemble, but closer inspection reveals it to be one piece lovingly stitched together. A second summer look is a denim slim dress with spaghetti straps, paired with a mini baguette bag also made of denim. Photographed against the blue ocean, the sky-blue denim slit skirt and matching volume-sleeve corset shirt of the third look almost blend into the background like camouflage.
Ever creative designer Juun.J constantly explores ways to create the most eye-catching looks.

Sand Sound

Launched late in 2022, Sand Sound is a street casual wear brand for Generation MZ inspired by the feeling you get when you are on a long road trip with friends.
Sand Sound’s looks for summer 2023 are younger and sportier, starting with a white cotton T-shirt featuring a basketball design, paired with a loose fit pair of dry nylon crop shorts in bright blue. Just right for a trip to the beach is the second look, which combines a wiggle midtop bikini swimsuit, and a white basketball print camp shirt. The last styling matches a wavy dyeing graphic T-shirt with beige cargo shorts replete with practical pockets.

Sand Sound captures the essence of youth casual wear and long road trips.

How to best enjoy summer

As can be seen from the curated styles and coordinated looks from the 5 brands belonging to Samsung C&T Fashion Group shown above, there are as many ways to dress this summer as there are ways to enjoy a summer’s day. The important thing is to find a look that works for you, and clothes that you feel comfortable wearing, whatever the activity or setting.

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