What to wear on a rainy summer’s day?

Summer brings with it not just heat but also, depending on where you live, frequent and sometimes heavy rain. In such sultry climates, a summer wardrobe needs to have some strategic items that can dry quickly on a rainy day and can look bright and attractive even when dark clouds hide the sun for a while. Waterproof footwear is an obvious must-have item, but there are others, too. This article looks at some wet summer essentials.

Brightness on a cloudy day

On a summer’s day when the sky is overcast or heavy with rainclouds, bright clothing can help to lift the mood – both that of the wearer and that of the people around them. Short sleeves are still the order of the day because it is summer, after all. A cute polo knit or T-shirt in pink, bright orange, or yellow is sure to brighten any cloudy day.
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Fast drying in rainy weather

When it rains hard enough or a gust of wind blows the raindrops at you sideways, your clothes will get wet even if you are carrying the world’s largest umbrella. That is when you want to be wearing garments that will quickly dry by themselves after absorbing moisture. Nylon and linen are two ideal fabrics for rainy days because they can withstand repeatedly getting wet and dry again without losing their shape or size.
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Keeping out the wind and rain

Sometimes you would rather avoid the wind and rain in the first place, rather than allow your clothes to get wet and then dry again. And even in summer, not every day is a scorcher – some can be quite cool, especially after a rainfall. On such days, you need something that keeps out the wind and rain but is lightweight, so that you can put it on or take it off depending on when it is raining and store it in a bag when you don’t need it. Whether you opt for a windbreaker, an anorak (a hip-length, hooded jacket), or a casual jumper, one is always handy to have nearby on a day when you are not sure how high the mercury will rise or whether or not it will rain.

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These boots are made for stomping

Naturally, any look at wardrobe essentials for rainy summer days would be incomplete without footwear. An umbrella cannot keep your feet dry, but boots can, while open sandals allow the water to flow away freely, allowing your feet to get dry once again. This gives you the freedom to stomp and slosh your way through puddles and gutters, making a big splash in your waterproof wellies.
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Keep things short to keep yourself dry

Stomping and splashing through the rain will definitely get the bottom of your jeans or dress wet, so it is advisable to put on a pair of shorts or a skirt that ends above the knees. Human legs dry faster than pant legs or long skirts and dresses, so this is the easiest way to avoid wearing soggy bottoms after walking outside on a wet day.
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Homeward bound

It is ironic, but when we arrive home after being out in the rain, the first thing most of us like to do is get even wetter by having a hot shower or bath. Is your bathroom complete with an eye-pleasing bathmat and set of matching towels? Do you have a bathrobe perfect for lazing around the house or fixing a meal after a shower? These too are must-have items, not only for a rainy summer’s day, but for all year round.
On the rainiest of days, when it seems like monsoon season will never end, it is still important to keep your cool and look fresh and dry, even after you have just come in from a thunderstorm. With these simple but essential wardrobe additions, you can give off the appearance that all the rain in the world is just water off a duck’s back.
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