Dancing in the street: 8seconds’ new capsule collections

Imagine what you would wear when you’re dancing in the street. You would want to look cool, but the clothes should feel comfortable and allow you to easily and gracefully perform the most impressive dance moves. Whether you are street dancing or just moving through the city, these new offerings from 8seconds will help you look and feel great. 

8seconds, a casual brand created by Samsung C&T Fashion Group, has launched the Project 888 capsule collection. The name Project 888 uses the 8 from the brand 8seconds, repeating it three times to represent the pursuit of a bold style that is not bound by stereotypes. 8seconds also has a premium casual line UNI8, which has brought out a new spring 2024 collection. The mission of both Project 888 and UNI8 is to capture the vibe of the MZ generation’s lively street dance crew culture, where B-boys and B-girls compete in dance contests and teach each other their moves. The campaign to promote these new collections brings together four of the hottest male and female street dance artists of contemporary Korea.


The B-boys: Vata and HOWL

The Project 888 capsule collection is sure to be a big hit with other active members of the MZ generation, especially street dancers. With dance as the focus of the promotional campaign, 4 short videos featuring male dancers have been uploaded to 8seconds’ official YouTube channel and Instagram account. They feature HOWL and Vata, two street crew dancers who became popular through Korea’s cable channel Mnet’s dance program “Street Man Fighter.” In the videos, the young men walk, pose, and dance through the streets of Seoul, shows off the Project 888 items.

The rhythmic movement of these dancers harmonizes well with the sensual style of 8seconds’ Project 888 capsule collection, each enhancing the charms of the other. Prominent in this capsule collection is a hooded zip-up knit jacket with a dyeing effect, and a denim jacket, pants and blouson with accentuated lines. In the photo shoot, Vata and Howl wear overfit denim jackets, camouflage pants, spray-dyed knitwear and “destroyed” pants. These outfits are matched with accessories in bold silver, giving them the hip and free sensibility that fits with 8seconds’ sensual street look.

The B-girls: REDLIC and CAPRI

In 8seconds’ premium casual line UNI8, there are new items launched in time for spring. To show off these exciting looks on the streets, 8seconds has paired up with female dancers REDLIC and CAPRI, who became famous for their standout performances in Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2.” They can be seen on 8seconds’ official YouTube channel and official Instagram modeling the new UNI8 spring garments while having found around the city of Seoul, dancing and enjoying the spring vibe with a confidence and charm that reflect the sensibility of 8seconds.

The basis for UNI8’s spring 2024 collection is genderless style. There are denim items in the collection that bring out a sporty, racing vibe. Soft colors like taupe and light blue have been employed, as well as lettering and prints, to attract the attention of onlookers. The main items in this collection are a denim trucker jacket, a coated blouson jacket, vintage denim skirt and pants, and a T-shirt with a pigment/dyeing effect.

8Seconds had a spring season photo shoot with REDLIC and CAPRI. In the photos, they put together a unique casual look by incorporating a wrap-style light spring pullover paired with denim pants, an overfit coated blouson jacket matched with a two-pocket denim miniskirt, and pastel-toned pink denim pants.

To bring this Project 888 and UNI8 collections to the MZ generation, 8seconds has prepared a dance-focused campaign that is unlike previous iterations, bringing together the dancers and the fashions on the street. Samsung C&T Fashion Group plans to continue to expand and enhance the brand experience through a variety of campaigns that will appeal to young consumers.

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