Hollywood actors love K-Fashion too

Korean innovative fashion brand Juun.J has attracted attention around the world from appearances at Paris Fashion Week and collaboration with luxury automobile brand Porsche. Now two Hollywood stars recently made the choice to wear Juun.J creations during a movie promotional tour, making the label even hotter.

Timothée the fashionista

Timothée Chalamet, who despite his youth has already been an internationally renowned actor for several years, is recognized as a fashion icon. America’s People magazine recently put together 35 of Chalamet’s stylistic highlights over the last decade.

Whether he is appearing at a film awards ceremony or the premiere of a new movie, he always turns heads with his unique sartorial looks, from the color to the material and the cut.

This time, Timothée Chalamet had a special surprise for the Korean stop on his global tour to promote the second installment of the sci-fi epic film series Dune. His stylist contacted Juun.J first, part of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, about wearing a unique fashion creation by one of the most innovative Korean fashion brands and designers. This is how an exciting fashion pairing came to pass.

Forward-looking styles

Juun.J, led by founder and creative director Jung Wook-jun, who was recently named as vice president of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, has been creating exciting and forward-looking fashions since even before he first received the Samsung Fashion Design Fund award in 2009. Leather has been one of the materials that he turns to again and again, to break stereotypes and show what it can do.

Juun.J founder and creative director Jung Wook-jun photographed at a recent interview.

Late last year, Juun.J unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with sports car brand Porsche. For this collection of industrial art meets fashion, inspired by the silhouette of the Taycan, Juun.J brought together the sleek lines of Porsche’s design, marrying them with the natural curves and soft folds of leather as a textile. 

This mini-collection, which is not available commercially, consisted of a biker jacket and vest, helmet bag, riding shoes, and a jumpsuit, all realized in the “Crayon” color of the Porsche. Each piece features details that remind the viewer of a Taycan. The biker jacket has a delicate silhouette that presents itself like the appearance of the Taycan, and the jumpsuit calls to mind the motor sports racing identity of the Porsche brand. 

A duo of film stars rocking Juun.J jumpsuits

It is this slick leather jumpsuit and riding shoes combo created by Juun.J in collaboration with Porsche that Timothée Chalamet wore at his promotional appearances in Seoul. Chalamet’s Dune Part Two co-star Zendaya had a matching jumpsuit in peach fuzz colored leather that paired well with Chalamet’s crayon one. Her outfit is part of Juun.J’s 2024 spring summer collection. Both actors were fitted for their outfits when in Paris at Juun.J’s 2024 fall winter Paris Collection show.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Seoul’s Yeouido area, Chalamet said, “It’s wonderful to support designers here and thank you to Juun.J for an opportunity to wear it.” They also wore the Juun.J jumpsuit on the popular Korea television show “You Quiz on the Block.”

While in Seoul, the young actor took the opportunity to visit Juun.J’s Dosan flagship store in Apgujeong, purchasing six garments. Perhaps inspired by Chalamet’s choice, one may see other actors and entertainers rocking exciting fashions from Juun.J in the future.

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