Balletcore Accessories for Summer: Lace, Sheer Socks, and Ribbons

A selection of trendy balletcore and Y2K accessories for styling in summer including lace layering skirts, sheer socks and legwarmers, and ribbons.

When the weather starts to heat up in the summer, it’s easy to start reaching for basics in your wardrobe and opt for comfort over style. If you feel like something is missing from your outfits this season, we’ve compiled a selection of trending accessories to incorporate into your looks. From adding simple bows or scrunchies to your hair to layering lace skirts or dresses over your outfits, there is a soft and delicate summer accessory for everyone.

Many of these trends have emerged from the balletcore movement, which is still making waves on social media. Balletcore encapsulates the ethereal world of ballet with fashion trends using light and airy sheer fabrics, lace and ribbons, and off-duty ballerina accessories like legwarmers and scrunchies.

Models show off balletcore inspired looks with delicate accessories for Summer: Lace, Sheer Socks, and Ribbons - Samsung C&T Fashion Group

Sheer is Chic: See-Through Socks and Leg Warmers

We can credit the rise of sheer accessories to the balletcore movement. There is something incredibly chic and effortless about a ballerina who has just finished training, thrown some legwarmers over her tights, and headed out into the world. The culmination of the balletcore trend has also seen sheer legwarmers and socks becoming popular. The idea of a ‘see-through’ ‘legwarmer’ may seem redundant, but that is why they are the perfect lightweight summer accessory!

Sheer Socks

If you’re not quite sure how to style sheer legwarmers, sheer socks are another great summer accessory. They are breathable and add an interesting pop of texture and color to your outfit. These pink GANNI butterfly lace socks or Henrik Vibskov Boxing flower socks would pair perfectly with a summery mary jane or platform loafer.

Scrunchies: The Secret to an Elevated Ponytail

Scrunchies are the 80’s hair trend that never seem to go out of style. We see scrunchies in stores and on runways season after season because of their comfort, ease, and versatility. The soft fabrics are also just good for your hair. We love styles adorned with tiny bows and scrunchies made of sheer fabrics.

Printed Scrunchies

It’s easy to dress up a plain outfit with printed accessories like scrunchies. They require minimal effort to make a statement. This moody sky-blue scrunchie from GANNI will instantly make you feel like you’re walking the streets of Copenhagen. Plain outfits aren’t your thing? Focus on one color in your scrunchie’s pattern and match it with the rest of your outfit. Alternatively, contrast complementary colors by pairing blues and oranges or greens and pinks.

Embrace Layering Lace Over Jeans and Trousers

The early 2000s Y2K aesthetic is the trend that keeps on giving. This summer will be all about layering light materials over jeans and trousers to add dimension to your looks. Lace wrap skirts with intricate details, light lace dresses adorned with ribbons, and light ballerina skirts are all trending items this season. The options are endless. Pair your favorite wide-leg or straight-cut jeans with a mini lace skirt with tie-up details, a layered lace midi skirt with delicate embroidery, or go for a dress over a white tee for a full-length layered look. Finish off your layered look with platform flip-flops and a shoulder bag just the size of your flip phone for the ultimate Y2K aesthetic.

Put a Bow on It

The feminine ‘coquette’ aesthetic has taken social media by storm over the last year, and we are seeing the rise of ribbons and bows, lace fabrics and soft pastel colors on anything from clothing to Christmas trees. The playful trend is an effortless way to add elegant details to your summer outfits and can be as simple as tying a ribbon in your hair. Thin neckties and scarves are also rising in popularity through this trend and are a great way to add hints of color to your outfit.

Bows for Your Hair

The easiest way to add bows or ribbons to your outfits is to start with simple and elegant hair accessories. Ribbon pins, ribbon clips or even ribbon scrunchies – the ribbon choices are endless. 8 Seconds has a wide range of bows for your hair on the SFF Shop where you can also find styling inspiration.

More Ways to Wear Bows

Bows and ribbons don’t have to be limited to hair accessories. Subtle bows on graphic tees to contrast the delicate look, a tie of a neck scarf around your neck, or simple bows on a cardigan or dress are simple ways to soften up an outfit and feel feminine and sophisticated during the warm summer months.

Sheer Elegance All Summer Long

How will you mix lace and sheer accessories into your outfits this summer? We are excited to see a range of sheer socks, legwarmers, scarves, and lace layering pieces on the SSF Shop. There are many ways to style simple balletcore, Y2K, and coquette pieces with your hot-weather wardrobe. As with any trend, it’s inspiring to see how everyone interprets a new wave of fashion with their unique spin. You can also wear your summer accessories right through the transitional seasons by layering wrap skirts over warm pants, leg warmers over tights, and wearing statement silk neck scarves to keep you warm.

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