Red Flower Festival Sets the Perfect Backdrop for Your Fall Outing

Having four distinct seasons is something of a rarity in Asia, with much of the region situated relatively close to the equator. Located in the temperate climate zone, South Korea is one of the few places in Asia which experiences distinct seasonal changes. As autumn approaches, there is no better time to visit one of Asia’s most exciting countries.

As the blazing summer heat fades and temperature cools, visiting the outdoors is one of the most popular ways South Koreans welcome the arrival of fall. Whether it’s a hike up a mountain or a leisurely picnic by the Han river, there are many ways to enjoy the crisp autumn air in the country.

Another reason many South Koreans flock to the outdoors in autumn is the dramatic visual transformation that happens across the country. A crimson blanket descends on the peninsula as trees change out of their green cloaks, delivering stunning beauty along the way. Not only is a trip to the outdoors during the season a terrific way to stretch the limbs, it is also a perfect time to soak up the unmatched scenery.

Rejuvenate in a Sea of Red

In harmony with the warm hue of fall foliage, Everland, South Korea’s largest theme park, has transformed its Four Seasons Garden to host the Red Flower Festival this year. Adorned in thousands of blooming fall flowers and decorated with a plethora of ornaments, this special event at the flagship garden is bound to delight your senses, setting the perfect stage for you to make the most of the season with friends and loved ones.

The festival is designed down to the finest detail to freshen your spirit. With over 200,000 red flowers on show, the vibrant blossom will make your jaw drop as you step into the garden. Meticulously assembled by plant experts, the floral spectacle greets visitors with the grandeur of a red carpet event.

A collage of 30 distinct species, each with a unique symbolism and story, the floral symphony vies for your attention at every corner. For those who wish to make a significant other feel special, look for the globe amaranth, as the bulb-like blossom represents unfading affection. Or try spotting the neatly arranged petals of the cosmos flower – a symbol of order and peace – and treat yourself to a dose of inner tranquility.

Take the Perfect Autumn Snaps

Your fall rejuvenation doesn’t need to end when you leave the Red Flower Festival. Dotted amongst the floral displays are larger than life installations that will make your snaps pop. Be ready with your camera to capture wonderful memories you can look back on in the days and months ahead.

Slip into the ravishing crape myrtle dress that is guaranteed to turn heads. #flowerdress #bigreddress
Get ready at the pink cosmos covered dressing table #redheels #redlips
Travel like a star in the company of dazzling salvia flowers. #floralcar #flowerbike
Pop open the champagne and dance away the night in the enchanting caper garden. #redcarpet #partytime
Strike a pose with the glorious globe amaranth. #flowerwall #flowerswing

The floral-themed installations at the 5 photo zones combine to create a bespoke red carpet experience. Pose with the gorgeous displays and photograph your journey from the powder room to the red carpet. Along the way, you will get a chance to put on a head-turning 3-meter tall dress covered entirely in crepe-myrtle flowers and join a wine party in the caper garden.

Post your best photos from the festival on social media with the hashtag #redflowerfestival for a chance to win a free ticket to Everland when you visit next time. To help maximize your chances of winning, here are a few photography tips to get the best results at the festival. Since the background will be saturated with vibrant colors, it’s best to wear light-colored clothes to make yourself stand out in the shot. And to craft a unique palette, try shooting just before sunset.

A Fall to Remember

With delightful colors abound, the Red Flower Festival is the perfect place for your fall outing. Gaze at the flowers, get closer to nature, and give yourself a boost for the new season. Be sure to visit before the event ends on 22nd October. For more details, please visit Everland’s website.

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