What’s So Magical About Christmas at Everland?

If you’re experiencing the winter chill and feeling down, we have good news: it’s Christmas! Too early, you say? If you drive southeast of Seoul to Samsung C&T’s Everland Resort and catch yourself bumping into Rudolph frolicking in the snow, you’ll find you’ve left your regular life and entered a land where the Christmas spirit is already in full swing.

Everland is celebrating the spellbinding atmosphere of one of “the most wonderful time of the year” with “Christmas Fantasy,” a festival jam-packed with holiday magic for everyone in the family. A snow-covered winter wonderland by day and a twinkling world of lights by night, Everland is full of opportunities to make unforgettable memories.

Let’s take a look at this year’s attractions and see just what people mean when they call Christmas a “magical” time.

The Secret of Rudolph Village

The Magic Garden is always the centerpiece of Everland’s Christmas Festival, and this year, the garden has been transformed into Rudolph Village. Featuring 50 exotic reindeer sculptures from all over the world, Rudolph Village is a cornucopia of holiday decorations and luscious evergreens. This year, Everland is offering free LED Santa Claus rings and candles for those visitors that can track down all three sculptures of a golden-nosed Rudolph and collect the stamps nearby. (Hint: What is Christmas all about? Hope, Love, and a whole lotta Heart.)

But that’s not the only village secret. There’s been rumors that Santa Claus is about, but where? Inside a little brick house situated at the center of Rudolph Village, Santa Claus himself will be present three times a day for photo time. Don’t forget to receive your gift – a specially designed Chupa Chups lollipop featuring jolly old Santa Claus and his red-nosed companion!

Join the Glistening Parade

Parade is a quintessential part of Christmas celebration in many places around the world, and for one of Asia’s best, don’t miss out on Everland’s Christmas Parade. Featuring beloved characters like the Nutcracker and the Gingerbread Man over a 750 meter course, young visitors can get lost in a sea of spectacular floats and marching bands.

For carol-lovers, Everland presents “The Christmas Wish,” a special musical performance by park mascot Lenny and his friends. And just in case you’re one of the rare few for whom Christmas isn’t quite complete without a dancing panda, there will be a daily showing of circus-inspired musical “Lubao’s Adventure” at the Grand Stage.

Starlight Zoo

For most animals residing in Everland, Christmas is a bit too chilly to jump around and celebrate in the snow. But this is Christmas Fantasy, remember? At Starlight Zoo, located near the entrance to the park, visitors can marvel at giraffes and flamingos relaxing in the snow and joyous polar bears donning holiday scarves. When night falls, the surreal sight is treated to another dose of magic as the trees and animals light up in a magnificent gold. 

Magic in the Sky

From the ancients who would’ve enjoyed the boundless beauty of star-strewn skies to the tradition of telling tales by the campfire, there’s just something magical about lighting up the dark.

Everland takes this to the next level with its “Magic in the Sky” fireworks display, creating an atmosphere like no other that’ll cure the heart of any weary traveler. For the best views, you’ll want to secure a spot by the handrails between the China Gate and Garden Terrace, stand at the center of the Magic Garden, watch from Holland Village, or enjoy everything from the comforts of a terrace seat in the Garden Terrace (reservations required).

To take full advantage of all the brilliant light displays this Christmas season, make sure to also check out the Moonlight Parade, a nocturnal twist to the Christmas Parade featuring neon dancers and rainbow-colored floats. Before ending your day, don’t forget to stop by Everland’s famous 26-meter Romantic Tower Tree and take some memorable photos.

Whether you’re a kid about to experience Christmas for the first time or a grown-up looking to rediscover your inner child, Everland’s “Christmas Fantasy” festival has prepared all the ingredients for a day and night surrounded in a world of magic.

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