Everland’s Rose Festival: Celebrating the World’s Most Famous Flower

As a totemic symbol which spans across cultures, the rose is arguably the world’s most famous flower. It has been the subject of countless artworks, and being synonymous with love, the flower has also adorned numerous momentous occasions in people’s lives.

True to its stature, the rose has a long and distinguished history of its own. While the species of wild roses numbers around 150, millennia of human cultivation has spawned over 30,000 types of roses.

Most people today typically see the rose in the form of cut flowers. But its distinct aroma coupled with its nutritional qualities make it a versatile plant that in everything from perfume, food, and even medicine.

A Blooming Celebration

For over three decades, South Korea’s premium theme park Everland has been hosting the annual Rose Festival to celebrate the beloved flower. As the first flower festival in the country, the festival has become an institution over the years, bringing people from all walks of life together each spring.

As with previous years, the Rose Festival will return to Everland again this year, but with a slight twist. The Rose Garden, where the event is traditionally held, will reopen with a brand-new look following a 7-month renovation.

The first sight to greet visitors as they enter the picturesque garden is a flower bed that runs the length of the site. With a gentle stream weaving through a chorus of manicured floral arrangements, it sets the scene for the rest of the festival.

Step into the World of Roses

Designed to excite all senses, Everland’s Rose Festival holds surprises at every corner.

The Victoria Garden will showcase 70 cultivars of roses from across the globe. Twelve rose varieties carefully cultivated by experts at Everland will be exhibited alongside other magnificent cultivars, including the Golden Celebration, the Queen Elizabeth and the Iceberg.

Over at the Venus Garden, visitors will have a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with the elites of the flower world. Over 35 award-winning cultivars will transform the garden into a stunning spectacle. Among the flowers on display includes 13 cultivars from the World Federation of Rose Societies’ Hall of Fame.

Along with visual delights, the Labyrinth Garden will immerse visitors into a cornucopia of scents, where familiar and exotic fragrances come together to create unique sensations. Everland’s landscape architects will also showcase their skills at the festival, where they have crafted intricate hedges with red roses for the Cupid Garden.

A Flower of Substance

With such a diverse range of species, roses are not just visually enchanting, but they are also fascinating plants. The smallest rose petal, for example, is only the size of a grain of rice, while the tallest rose bush ever stood at a towering 7 meters tall.

Visitors can learn all about the marvels of the flower by joining tours guided by Everland’s botanists at the festival. The tours, which are only available in Korean, also offer a rare opportunity for visitors to take photos of the flowers on display. Those who post their shots of the Queen’s Castle photo zone on Instagram might even have a chance to take home grand prizes.

 Everland’s Rose Festival will run for a month starting from May 18. It’s an event which guarantees to rejuvenate and revitalize the senses as summer nears.

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