Pink-nosed panda baby practices walking, pursues independence

Everland’s most adorable resident may have now reached peak cuteness, as the baby panda has the coloring and fur of an adult on the small scale but with two exceptions – her little white nose and her little white claws. The baby, who does not yet have a name, is also getting fussy and insistent, and is working her hardest to learn how to walk. And, as an update, she is now 50 cm long and weighs over 4 kg. That’s almost 5% of an adult panda’s body weight!

Everland’s baby panda is now 50cm long.

he baby panda has a white nose now, but it will be expected to turn black over time. Also, her claws have been white since she was born, but are now starting to turn yellow-brown. Eventually they will also turn black like her mother’s claws. Just under the white nose, two lower canine teeth have grown in. Veterinarians are expecting the two upper canine teeth to appear next, followed by the molars and finally the front teeth. Also, in between the pads of her feet, fur is growing. This is a common characteristic of animals that live in cold climates, as it helps them to not slip in ice and snow.

Little white nose, little white teeth and little white claws are the hallmarks of this cute baby panda.

The little baby panda has been busy with an exhausting exercise regimen of learning how to crawl. When she first started practicing she was only able to move a few centimeters before getting tired, but after a few days she has worked up to a full 50 cm range on her crawling skill. And she’s not afraid to use it! Of course, all this exertion makes her tired and hungry, so she also spends a lot of time sleeping and eating in between those furious 50cm crawling sessions. You can see her workout video below:

Not only is she crawling around like a very fast snail, or an average-speed centipede, but she has also been practicing standing up with her front legs, almost like push-ups. But this is an extremely difficult maneuver and often results in her rolling over and falling asleep instead. She can be expected to take a step or two around 100 days after birth, so the day is coming soon. She just needs a little more practice.

Asserting herself, gaining independence

Along with this newfound, speedy freedom, the baby panda has started to express her opinions by making sounds. Most often, she expresses anger or irritation when her mother stops her from going to the other side of the room with her indomitable crawling power. She also whines and pesters her mom when she wants to drink milk and her mom is asleep in an uncooperative position.

This is the face of growing panda independence.

In the latest developments of the baby’s newfound freedoms, her mother Ai Bao has started to leave her alone for 30 to 50 minutes in order to go to the next room to eat in peace. During that time, the baby is content to crawl, practice walking, and play alone, and doesn’t look for her mother. Soon she will be moving out and getting her own place!

This baby panda is practicing her yoga poses every day. She is so flexible!
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