Samsung C&T’s Pinghu Plant: A Stainless-Steel Factory with a Heart of Gold

Lying in a low, flat plain laced together by a network of rivers, few people know the humble city of Pinghu, Zhejiang Province is a center of industry. But situated right next to Hangzhou Bay, with Shanghai to the North East, the region sits on prime real estate. This is where the Samsung Precision Stainless Steel factory has called home since establishing in 2008 and beginning operations in 2010.

The strategic location to nearby major cities and raw material suppliers has made it a thriving factory with a lot of heart and a stellar reputation.

A Stainless Reputation

Walking up to the gates of Samsung Precision Stainless Steel factory would surprise most visitors. Blossoming shrubbery adorns the grounds – an unusual break from the dirt and grime that characterizes most steel factories.

That kind of attention to detail has earned Samsung Precision Stainless Steel the title of one of the 20 most beautiful SME factories by the General Council of the PEDZ. The council gives the award to companies that keep their surrounding environment and factory exteriors clean to encourage companies to preserve the beauty of the local environment.

The factory owes its cleanliness to Sangyoon Lee, the Head of Subsidiary for the factory, who, together with the factory employees, spearheaded a campaign to keep the work environment spotless. Not only did they take painstaking effort to keep the factory clean, they joined forces to plant the flowers at the front gate, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment throughout the company.

Safety First

Keeping the factory clean is no small feat as the factory already works hard producing cold rolled steel according to specifications from clients. With a production capacity of 15,000 tons per year, the workers are always on the go producing steel that ends up in our everyday products including LCD panel frames, cars, syringe needles and more.

But producing all that steel requires heavy equipment like slitters, cranes, and rolling mills, and with it the risk of serious accidents. That’s why management at the factory always puts the safety and well-being of its workers first.

All around the factory banners hang with messages reminding workers to put safety first and encouraging reminders of how many accident-free days the employees have achieved. In addition to emphasizing everyday safety, the employees also receive training from the Pinghu Fire Department twice a year to ensure all employees know how to use a fire extinguisher and what to do in case of an emergency. It’s all part of making the employees feel cared for and safe.

A Better Place to Work

The employee-first attitude of the management at Samsung Precision Stainless Steel Pinghu has made it one of the happiest places to work. A Samsung C&T official recalls being surprised at the joyful atmosphere on his first visit to the plant.

“One of the most impressive things when I visited Samsung Precision Stainless Steel Pinghu was how all the faces of the employees were blissful and bright at work,” the official said. “I found that the executives were working hard for the welfare of their employees.”

Welfare programs include treating employees to extended workshops and retreats to give them a chance to relax, and special seasonal menus to help them cool off in the summer when factory temperatures can reach as high as 45 degrees Celsius. Together, these small details have created an environment where everyone is proud to work.

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