Passion & Expertise: The power of working as one

2020 has understandably been a difficult year for businesses and organizations around the world. Trading companies are no exception, as each has striven in its own way to meet the challenges of an unpredictable future and achieve success.

In this article, we take a look at one team within Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group that has seized the opportunity created by disruption and generated results with their youthful dynamism. Global 2 Group, which is in charge of the Southeast and West Asian markets in Samsung C&T’s Steel Division, has coped with rapid global changes by being adaptable and strategizing accordingly. So, what drives their passion and success?

Taking on the challenge of a new world

The Global 2 Group team knew they had no choice but to work hard as it became clear COVID-19 was emerging as a pandemic with widespread effects on people and economies. They also had to strategize. They adopted a “selection and concentration” strategy in order to find opportunities in rapidly changing markets.

Firstly, they sought to diversify their sources for products to be more price-competitive and profitable. They also maintained round-the-clock contact with Samsung C&T colleagues based across the world, which allowed them to share market information in real time. This enabled them to grasp the major issues and needs of businesses around the world, so as soon as they spotted an opportunity they were able to seize it and turn it to their advantage.

A bright mood for fueling passion and success

The team stays positive with youthful energy and ambition. Even in a normal year, they would inevitably face various difficulties and naturally feel dejected from time to time. For this reason, they value the efforts of their colleagues in lifting the mood so that the entire team can feel strengthened.

This has also had a practical benefit because it can be difficult to start talking with a colleague about a serious issue in a heavy atmosphere. The members of Global 2 Group pride themselves on working together whenever a difficulty arises, exerting themselves to be at their very best.

The freedom to communicate as a team

The Global 2 Group members are also keen to emphasize the value of open communication and teamwork.

The group’s leader Jinny Lee has aimed to ensure that they always feel free to come up with suggestions and share ideas. Even when she has had to take trips abroad, she has been impressed with her team’s willingness to take the initiative and work effectively.

It is this encouragement that has led Global 2 Group to be proactive in carrying out their assignments. Lee also shares with her team the information that is necessary to help them judge situations accordingly.

This virtuous circle, along with the team’s positive atmosphere and strategizing, has helped Global 2 Group enjoy profitability amid difficulties and also underpins their desire to keep improving in the future.

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