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Is hydrogen a clean energy solution?

As the world strives for carbon neutrality, hydrogen is earning a brighter spotlight as a growing energy source for the future. Hydrogen is odorless, invisible, and can be produced in a variety of ways without any concerns about depletion or regional differences. Hydrogen’s potential as an energy source expands to

Remodeling is key to keeping a structure fresh and stable

The Louvre Museum in Paris was originally built as a fortress in 1190, then it was turned into a Royal Palace and then it became a museum. It has maintained its lofty reputation for over two centuries through good maintenance, renovation and remodeling. Unlike reconstruction, which involves demolishing and rebuilding

Navigating soaring sea freight rates as a trading company

Shipping products by sea is one of the most practical logistics solutions, as sea freight can include all kinds of cargo. In addition, when carrying cargo of equal weight and transporting the same distance by sea and air, the carbon dioxide emitted by sea transport was about 44 times less than

Finding nature in the heart of Seoul at Label C’s new flagship store

The times when people would use cosmetics without paying much attention to ingredients or production processes are behind us. As reported by the New York Daily News, “clean beauty” is one of the top ten skincare trends for 2021. Responding to the desire of consumers to know what they are putting

Everland tigers become proud parents to a litter of 5 cubs

The birth of an endangered animal is always a cause for celebration, and so the arrival of not one but a litter of five rare Siberian tigers born in Everland on June 27 was a very happy occasion. These three females and two males were bred naturally by tiger mother

Building Information Modeling leader Kim Jong-hoon

Dr. Kim Jong-hoon has the unique career of having joined Samsung C&T not once but twice. He first entered the company in 1995 and worked for about three years. He then left to attend Stanford University for further studies, eventually receiving his doctorate degree in Construction Engineering and Management, with

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