Engaging youth to protect the planet

It has been a good year on the eco-front for Samsung C&T Construction Group’s Asia-Pacific Regional Office (APRO). Having been awarded Eco-Office Elite status by the Singapore Environment Council in June, APRO recently organized a youth initiative aimed at protecting the environment for future generations.

APRO staff and local children gathered at a nearby recycling center for a guided tour and activities geared towards minimizing waste through five Rs – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle.

Samsung C&T’s APRO staff gather with TOUCH Young Arrows kids for an eco-awareness day in Singapore

'Young Arrows' to the rescue

Children from TOUCH Young Arrows experience interactive activities at Tzu Chi Eco-Awareness Centre to better understand the way plastic pollution affects marine life.

The children each had passports with questions to answer at five different stations before receiving stamps to complete their tasks. At the end of all the activities, they were each rewarded with a hearty meal, as well as a school bag and lunchbox for the upcoming academic year.

Other activities at the Eco-Awareness Centre included a demonstration of livestock farming’s impact on methane emissions.

APRO’s ongoing eco-efforts

The day’s closing speech was offered by APRO’s Green Champion and Executive Vice President John Chang, serving as a reminder that the office has a leadership structure to ensure the fostering of environmentally friendly habits. Consistently reducing workplace waste was a big part of APRO’s Eco-Office Elite award last summer – it is one of only four offices in Singapore to have been recognized with that status.

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