Begin again this new year

South Korea’s most popular theme park is giving us the chance to start over with the launch of its 2020 Begin Again with Everland campaign.

The year 2020 has significance for numerous reasons – being the start of a new decade, a new zodiac order, and the first time since 1919 that the same two-digit number has been repeated in a year. Everland has arranged various events under the themes of gratitude, challenge, excitement, and hope.

Counting down 2019 with gratitude, meeting the challenge of 2020

Everland marked the arrival of 2020 with a dramatic display of fireworks in its Four Seasons Garden. First, there was a countdown lasting 2,020 seconds – around 33 minutes – to show gratitude to all those who visited the theme park in 2019. And while Everland regularly holds end-of-day fireworks, this stunning display was three times bigger than usual, filling the night sky.

The event was broadcast live through the theme park’s official social media channels. In case you missed it, check out the video below.

Everland is giving visitors the opportunity to begin again with numerous promotions and events until February.

Situated south of Seoul and operated by Samsung C&T Resort Group, Everland still has many more events to come this new year.

With it being 2020, the theme park took the opportunity to organize 20 promotions to enjoy Everland. Under the challenge theme, these promotions all connect to the number 20. For example, during January, 2,020 people are being offered a special price on a first-come-first-served basis. Those marking 20-year marriage or work anniversaries can also get a discount. All the details are at the Everland homepage, along with information about other 2020 Begin Again with Everland events running through February.

Everland is giving visitors the opportunity to begin again with numerous promotions and events until February.

The excitement and hope of a youthful new beginning

As graduation season falls in February in Korea, Everland has arranged a youth festival titled Hello My Twenties, filled with the fun of special performances and a photo studio. Capturing the excitement of a new start, the festival is designed for visitors turning 20 or those who want to wind back the clock and remember what it was like to be that age. Speaking of winding backwards, there is a new roller coaster experience which has never been in Korea before. The Reverse Driving Racing Coaster offers – quite literally – a reverse perspective on one of Everland’s favorite attractions.

Everland’s Racing Coaster won’t literally wind back the clock, but it will take you backwards!

Also, if you noticed some creative artwork on Everland’s Universe Big Wheel during the holidays, there’s a good reason for that. The first event of the 2020 Begin Again with Everland campaign kicked off in December with a drawing contest for children below elementary school age to share their dreams. 220 of the entries were given a variety of gifts such as Everland tickets, character products, and beverage gifticons, while the best ones were chosen to be displayed on the screen of Everland’s Ferris wheel.

Nothing sends a message quite like Everland’s Universe Big Wheel!

The 2020 Wish Wall is another great event filled with hope, having been unveiled in mid-December. For every wish written on the wall by the theme park’s visitors, NGO Plan Korea has promised to join Everland in making a donation to support underprivileged children.

The 2020 Wish Wall is filled with heartwarming messages, driving donations for underprivileged kids.

So, it is with a strong sense of gratitude, challenge, excitement, and hope that Everland has invited us to begin again and make 2020 special.

Everland’s character actors always ensure there’s fun to be had at South Korea’s biggest and most popular theme park.

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