Samsung Life Science Fund makes first investment in US biotech firm Jaguar Gene Therapy

– Gene therapy selected as Samsung Life Science Fund’s first investment choice

– Jaguar Gene Therapy’s core tech aims to enhance adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsid purity

– Samsung will collaborate on manufacturing and developing assets with Jaguar Gene Therapy as a strategic investor

Samsung will invest in Jaguar Gene Therapy in order to discover innovative technology and achieve global competitiveness in a rapidly growing gene therapy market.

Samsung Life Science Fund (SVIC No. 54 New Technology Business Investment L.L.P.), established by Samsung C&T Corporation and Samsung Biologics Co., Ltd last year, has announced that it will invest in Jaguar Gene Therapy. Marking the start of its investment portfolio, Samsung Life Science Fund selected a biotech company accelerating breakthroughs in AAV-based gene therapies, which is one of the most innovative fields in next generation biotechnology.

The market for gene therapy is growing at an exceptional rate and global competition is intensifying as gene therapy represents a variety of applications and shows prolonged therapeutic effects.

Jaguar Gene Therapy is a U.S. biotech company founded in October of 2019 by the team responsible for the development of Zolgensma®, a spinal muscular atrophy gene therapy drug approved by the FDA.

Jaguar Gene Therapy, with plans to start clinical studies next year, is advancing three investigational AAV-based gene therapies for galactosemia, autism spectrum disorder with a genetic cause, and Type I diabetes.

AAV-based gene replacement therapy is the technique of delivering a therapeutic gene into target cells by using AAV vectors as a delivery platform. Jaguar Gene Therapy has developed a unique manufacturing platform that uses the latest technologies and purification techniques to increase product yields while reducing product impurities. This could play a role in overcoming side effects arising from high dosage, which is generally known as a significant challenge in AAV gene therapy.

Samsung, as a strategic investor, will collaborate on manufacturing and developing assets with Jaguar Gene Therapy.

Gene therapy is a medical approach that introduces genetic materials inside the body’s cells in an effort to treat or prevent diseases which cannot be addressed by antibody therapy. Furthermore, a single gene therapy treatment with a prolonged therapeutic effect lasting several years can improve patient convenience compared to multiple shots of antibody treatment within a year.

Many global biotech companies are accelerating their gene therapy programs through investment and acquisitions. According to J.P Morgan, the global gene therapy market is forecast to grow from $5 billion in 2021 to $32 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 44%.

With Jaguar Gene Therapy as its initial investment, Samsung Life Science Fund will continue to discover promising technologies and invest in innovative venture companies with the aim of building technological competitiveness in the bio healthcare industry and contributing to improving quality of life.

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