Passion & Expertise: How trading companies overcome uncertainty

Any team is more likely to succeed with a sense of unity, but it’s often easier to speak about fostering genuine togetherness than to put it into action.

This is the story of the Gas Group within Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group, which achieved success by strengthening trust in relationships with existing trading partners through active communication, even during the pandemic, as well as securing new customers. In addition, we will see how its members have stayed united and focused on solutions in the face of obstacles.

The team meets a major challenge

Cast your mind back to the time when the pandemic struck, most of us can no doubt remember how uncertain everything felt, making the future appear clouded.

The energy business was hit particularly hard. Gas Group member Sun Lee explains the situation they were facing.

Also, it suddenly wasn’t possible to travel overseas, making it challenging to maintain long-term relationships and large-scale projects. Gas Group member Pan-young Jeong explains what it was like.

Direction and resilience

Yet, they faced up to the challenge together. Philip Lee, Head of Gas Group explains the way they set themselves up to overcome their difficult situation.

Not that it was easy. Working to manage existing trading partners while pursuing new opportunities is a challenge at the best of times. You have to be patient and be prepared to work hard even when the results take time to show.

Gas Group member Sang-won Oh offers an insight into how he found the necessary resilience to succeed.

The secret behind their unity

The Gas Group has fostered an environment in which they are able to talk openly without hiding anything – members can exchange opinions freely and pull together to resolve any problems they face.

Gas Group member Min-seok Ju explains why this is so helpful.

The importance of easy communication among team members is also stressed by Gas Group member Yong-joo Ahn.

Building from a strong base of mutual support, the Gas Group has overcome some major challenges during the course of the pandemic. If they have prevailed together during the tough times, just imagine what they could do next?

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