Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

Construction sites made safer by stop-work authority

In any industry these days, safety is the top priority. This is particularly true in industries where heavy equipment is used and work is done at great heights, such as in the construction sector, and it is why efforts to prevent accidents are essential. Around the world, construction companies are

What is needed for an airport to grow? Teamwork + safety

Building an airport requires much time, people, and technologies, all coordinated together. Currently, Samsung C&T Construction & Engineering Group is carrying out a mammoth expansion project at Dhaka International Airport that services Bangladesh’s capital city, constructing 14 new terminal buildings, including multi-story parking, cargo warehouses, and fire stations. The work

160 years of subways: Underground trains yesterday, today, and tomorrow

It is hard to believe, but this year already marks 160 years since the opening of the world’s first underground railway. The arrival of the subway, also called the metro or the underground, revolutionized mass transit. The advantage of a subway as public transportation is that it is unaffected by

Turning safety helmets into ID cases: A new kind of recycling

Can a safety helmet become something completely different? On construction sites around the world, workers wear safety helmets to protect their heads. For safety reasons, these helmets must be regularly replaced. Safety helmets are made out of several types of plastic, which has made recycling difficult, because the different materials

From the runway to the skies: Building airports

What comes to mind when you think of an airport? Is it the excitement and joy of travel? Airports as hubs for movement of travelers and goods between countries have become essential spaces in the modern world. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, international airports are bustling places once

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