Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

Smart home platform ‘Homeniq’

On a hot day, it would be nice to turn on your home air conditioning while still on your commute so that the rooms are cool before you arrive. And what about a coffee machine that brews in time for your breakfast, a vacuum cleaner you can start while away

Wash away the summer heat at Samsung C&T-built water parks

In the relentless heat of the summer sun, people look for ways to cool body and soul. A trip to a water park can be just what we need, allowing us to play, swim, and splash in cool, refreshing water. Did you know that Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group,

Samsung C&T, expanding to the world, has won a new large-scale project

Something magical happens when Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group touches a place – a new structure arises. The Group is contributing to the life and vigor of cities through its construction projects such as buildings, civil infrastructure, plants, and residential spaces. Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group’s next overseas

Samsung C&T secures safe construction sites in summer

Every weather type carries its own challenges and risks on construction sites. Just as there are essential tips on how to safely construct in the wintertime, we must take care when working in summer too. Summer weather events that can raise risks on construction sites not only include high temperatures

Free-form structures: Buildings that seem to move

If a building gives the appearance of moving or flowing, chances are it is a free-form structure. The label “free-form” is not so much an architectural term as a catch-all that incorporates elements of various styles and techniques; what they all have in common is breaking free from conventional shapes.

Construction sites made safer by stop-work authority

In any industry these days, safety is the top priority. This is particularly true in industries where heavy equipment is used and work is done at great heights, such as in the construction sector, and it is why efforts to prevent accidents are essential. Around the world, construction companies are

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