Samsung C&T Project Sites Win Quality & Safety Awards

Samsung C&T (CEO: Chi Hun Choi) was recognized by governments and clients for its outstanding Quality & Safety performance on construction sites in Hong Kong and Singapore, said Samsung C&T on June 7, 2016.

Samsung C&T’s Hong Kong metro project SCL C1109 was selected by the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council (CIC) and Development Bureau (DEVB) as the top overall construction site and was presented with the Gold Award, the highest award attainable under the ‘Considerate Contractors Site Award’ (CCSA). CCSA awards are based on 8 different criteria, including: safety, site management and regulatory compliance, and CCSA awards are the most prestigious awards presented by the Hong Kong government in the domestic construction industry.

SCL C1109 marks the first time in Hong Kong’s construction industry that a Korean construction company has received the award 2 years in a row, and in doing so, has solidified Samsung C&T’s position in a key new market.  

The SCL C1109 project site faced many difficulties in constructing a 2.2km subway tunnel underneath a major metropolitan area, dense with 40~50 year old residential and commercial structures. In order to achieve safe and successful construction, the site carried out various efforts including implementation of its technical expertise to prevent the ground and buildings from collapsing and assigned staff dedicated to preventing safety accidents.

Local press, including the Hong Kong Economic Times, remarked that the, “SCL C1109 is an exemplary model that needs to be followed on future mega projects built in dense urban environments. ”

Additionally, the ‘Grand Safety Award’, was given to the SCL C1109 project site by client Mass Transit Railway Corporation Limited (MTRC), during its bi-annual Safety Award Ceremony held on June 3rd, 2016.

MTRC evaluated nearly 120 project sites on various criteria including environment, quality, safety, and complaint management before selecting Samsung C&T as the top project site at the ceremony. This marks the fourth consecutive time that the company has won this award since 1st half 2014.

These awards followed the Building Construction Authority (BCA) awards received by Samsung C&T on the 26th of last month when the Singapore’s Construction Agency hosted its “BCA Awards 2016”. Here, the company’s Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) 483 project received an award under the civil construction sector.

BCA construction awards are given to both completed projects and those still under construction, based on assessments of 10 different criteria, including: design, safety and quality.

The MCE 483 project is an underground expressway that spans 950m in length and also includes one ventilation building. It was an extremely challenging project to execute as the project site sits atop reclaimed land located on Marina Bay.

Samsung C&T was honored to receive this award in recognition of its accident-free, injury-free project execution and its high technical expertise in dealing with challenging soft-soil conditions during construction. 

Samsung C&T stated that it will “continue to gain the trust of clients across all of its construction sites by ensuring that the highest industry standards of quality and safety are being implemented.” 

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