Building Ties: How Samsung C&T is Improving the Lives of Residents in Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Mong, 52, a resident of the rural Nga My commune in Vietnam, finally has a new home thanks to Samsung C&T.

“I used to always be worried about living in an old house with my granddaughter that leaked whenever it rained. But now, I am so happy that I have a brand new and safe house with a new bathroom,” Mong said. “I feel truly thankful to Samsung C&T for providing us with such a precious gift.”

Mong is among the people that Samsung C&T has been helping in Nga My since last December. Groups of volunteers have traveled to Vietnam to build and repair homes for villagers, with 27 volunteers most recently visiting the village from November 6 to 13.

Clean and Healthy Living

During this visit, Samsung C&T aided in building houses for families, made soaps with 560 students from a local elementary school and even demonstrated hygiene practices through an interactive play performance.

The trip was community-building: not only were the livelihoods for Nga My’s residents greatly improved, C&T volunteers were also able to genuinely connect with the locals through fun games and sports.

Public Education

“We know how important a house is in one’s life,” said a C&T representative. “And we will continue to carry out valuable CSR activities worldwide for the bettering and development of our communities.”

But newer, safer houses are not the only contributions C&T has made for the people of Nga My. The company is also focusing on improving educational environments with additions such as a new computer lab, water works systems, and public bathrooms.

C&T also made sure to offer education on how to respond to unexpected events such as natural disasters as well as a changing economy.

Samsung C&T’s long-term volunteer activity in Vietnam is to be completed in March next year, and by then, the company is expecting to support more than 4,000 local residents by providing them with more comfortable living environments.

The Global Role of C&T and CSR

Of course, C&T’s goodwill efforts are not restricted to just Vietnam. Just last year, for example, C&T volunteers built residential areas and improved hygiene practices in Pasir Halang in Indonesia and Chargaon in India.

Other past CSR activities include building an elementary school in Indonesia in 2013, the Tech Institute for youth in Thailand in 2015, a public library in Vietnam and renovating hospitals in Mongolia.

As an international company dedicated to bringing countries together from all over the globe, seeing the fruits of these volunteer efforts is what makes these projects so meaningful.

Looking forward, C&T will continue to collaborate with people and communities all over the globe to improve lives and strengthen local communities.

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