Raemian Takes Smart Homes to the Next Level

Walk into any electronic store and you will find a plethora of devices and appliances with network capabilities. But it wasn’t too long ago when journalists were busy explaining the concept of the Internet of Things, or IoT, to their audience. The astonishing speed at which IoT entered the common lexicon gives a sense of its enormous potential, with some observers estimating that the global IoT market will grow to $8.9 trillion by 2020.

Among all the industries and sectors which IoT is set to transform, smart homes are expected to be a key driver in the technology’s growth. Recognizing the benefits of connected devices and artificial intelligence, Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group has developed a smart home system for its luxury apartment brand Raemian. Following the system’s successful commercialization, the group has expanded the platform further, bringing cutting-edge technology to the domestic sphere. Here are five most exciting features of the brand new Raemian smart home system.

1. Customized Living Space

Wouldn’t it be great if the temperature and lighting are exactly the way you like it whenever you walk into your room? The Raemian smart home system can do just that. It can remember the preferences of every household member, customizing different areas in the home automatically.

2. Study Smart

The next generation connected homes will have capabilities beyond a smart assistant. They will be able to enrich home life in addition to fulfilling basic needs.

Take the study function of Raemian’s smart home system for example. Harnessing the power of smart speakers, younger household members can interact with the system to practice their language skills.

3. Efficient Air Filter

Development in artificial intelligence has brought greater flexibility to smart homes. Not only can users control connected appliances remotely, but the smart home platform can now even make decisions for home owners.

In the latest upgrade, Samsung C&T has integrated a smart air filtering system to Raemian. If the smart home system detects fine dust inside, it will choose the quickest way to filter the air using all home appliances available, including extractor fans and air conditioners.

4. A Mode for Every Mood

We’ve all been there – instead of relaxing the instant we return home from work, we wonder around our flats adjusting various appliances just to get everything ready for the evening.

By organizing diverse functions into different modes, Raemian’s smart home system helps users prepare their homes in the blink of an eye. For example, if you want to watch a movie in the living room, you can simply activate relax mode with your voice and the smart platform will dim the lights and close the curtains.

5. A Simple Gesture

With the development of smart speakers, many smart appliances are controlled by voice commands. But as smart home systems advance, the voice will only be one of many ways users can interact with their homes.

Using motion sensors, the curtains in the latest Raemian system can be controlled by users’ gestures. They can be opened or closed with just a simple wave, giving users more time to enjoy their homes.

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