New Shirts, New Shoes, New Services: SSF Shop Gets a Style Change

As our lives get busier and the world gets more crowded, stealing a moment to create our own happiness is harder than ever. Samsung Fashion is making that easier by helping customers find that small, but certain, happiness while they shop online with an all new update to their online store.

SSF Shop’s updates have seized on retail industry trends to develop more personalized digital experiences, and connect online and physical store shopping experiences, with a big visual update and new customized services. Together, the changes signify a blending technology with a more personalized touch.

“We redesigned the user interface (UI) and content with the idea of customers becoming happy through shopping,” said Park Sol-lip, managing director of Samsung C&T Online Business. “We improved our offerings with differentiated services and created a personalized atmosphere for our online shopping experience as we strive to become the leading online mall in the fashion industry.”

A Fresh Face

The first thing customers will notice about the SSF Shop’s new look is the visual update. The new responsive design features images that capture the identity of each brand. Images are bigger, clearer, and the styles are changed according to each brand’s unique character. The UI has also changed to be more than just a simple online shop – it’s now a platform for Samsung’s brands.

“With the renewal of the website, we strived to establish a foundation for an online platform that encompasses fashion and lifestyle products and optimize the shopping experiences of customers,” said Heo-Gab, a manager for SSF Shop.

In addition to the new look, the SSF Shop will also offer a range of new lifestyle products and a selection of new brands.

“In order for SSF Shop to grow into a lifestyle platform, we will make improvements to offer more diverse brands,” said Heo-Gab. “We will also upgrade the SSF Shop to enable customers to have a better shopping experience, whether online or on their mobile device.”

A New Age of Online Shopping

The SSF Shop’s update also brings new shopping experiences. The ‘Get the Style’ feature, for example, offers suggestions and information about how to match clothes for time, place, and occasion depending on each customer’s unique needs.

Check out has also been streamlined with only a few simple clicks required rather than inputting a bunch of unnecessary information. Products that are ordered before 6 p.m. are shipped out on the same day and delivered the following day. If quick shipping is selected, customers can get their products by 4 p.m. on the same day they order it. If the customer doesn’t like the fit, an all-new mobile and web-based after-sales service makes it simple to change.

After taking a photo of the product on their phone, a request can be submitted by attaching the photo to the AS form on the mobile application. A courier picks up the clothing and returns it when it is fixed. Customers can also engage in real-time consultation with AS service specialists who will guide them through the process and advise them on the type, time, and cost of any repairs.

More on the Horizon

The updates to SSF Shop officially went live on May 12 and to celebrate, they have launched a number of promotions including special discounts, products, and gifts to commemorate the renewal, which will be available through June 11.

From June 6 to 14, SSF Shop Global site will celebrate with its international fans by offering free global shipping to 100 countries worldwide on orders of $120 or more. The site is available in both English and Chinese for the convenience of international shoppers.

To see all the new features and take advantage of celebratory deals, head to http://en.ssfshop.com/main.

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