IoT Meets Clean Living at Samsung C&T’s Green Energy HomeLab

The largest environmental health problem in the world doesn’t come from groundwater or plastics – it’s in the air. Ambient air pollution with fine particulate matter smaller than 2.5 millionths of a meter, known as PM2.5, was the fifth leading cause of death across the globe in 2015. While developed countries have worked towards solutions, developing countries such as China and India have been choking on the fumes of rapid industrialization, leaving people vulnerable to exposure-related health problems. 

The problem has become so bad that the World Health Organization says more than 90 percent of children breathe air that threatens their health and development. New evidence suggests that air pollution appears to have adverse effects on cognitive function. But Samsung C&T isn’t taking the problem lying down.

Recognizing the magnitude of the challenge, the company is showcasing their latest Internet of Things (IoT) smart home solutions for tackling air pollution at the Raemian Green Energy HomeLab. Opened in early November in the Northern-Seoul district of Unni-dong, the Raemian Green Energy HomeLab is an open house display where visitors can experience a variety of clean-living technologies designed for the home.

Introducing HomeLab

Divided into three different zones – POT Zone, BOX Zone and Work Zone – the Green Energy HomeLab features 28 different technologies related to air quality, energy saving, housing performance, and eco-friendliness.

The POT Zone showcases Raemian’s solutions for indoor air quality, energy efficiency, improved housing performance, and other environment and energy related challenges. Upon entering the main door, for example, visitors are embraced by a refreshing blast of clean air from the Clean Gate system, meant to remove dust and germs from your clothes and prevent you from tracking them throughout the home. The Entrance Air Clean System, located on the ceiling, adds an extra layer of fine dust filtration.

The Entrance Air Clean System is seamlessly integrated into a motion activated light, making the fine dust filtration system nearly unnoticeable

In the BOX and WORK Zones, visitors will get a deeper understanding of the IoT technology with in-depth displays and hands-on demonstrations to better learn how Raemian’s advanced residential solutions can improve their lives.

A Foundation for Future Smart Home Technology

Raemian’s technology is divided into five categories – Clean Air, Smart Energy, Silent Home, Cozy Home, and Eco Green – each showcasing new developments alongside some of the technology that can already be found in Raemian apartments.

Addressing the air pollution problem, the Raemian Green Energy HomeLab features a wide range of new, and already implemented, technology. Visitors will be able to see the Automatic CO2 ventilation system currently found in Raemian smart homes, for example, along with a smart air conditioning system.

The CO2 Automatic Ventilation Control System continually monitors CO2 levels and activates the ventilation system to keep the air inside fresh and pleasant.

Heading over to the kitchen, visitors will see brand new air filtration technology integrated throughout the appliances. Not only does the Fine Dust Sensing Range Hood suck up contaminated air, the Kitchen Exclusive Air Supply delivers fresh air into the space, so the kitchen always stays smelling fresh and clean.

The Fine Dust Sensing Range Hood sucks up contaminated air, so your kitchen always smells clean and fresh.

In the Smart Energy section, visitors will find technology already implemented in smart apartments, such as LEDs and Solar energy panels, as well as brand new technology. The Mirror HAS, for example, is found in the living room and used to monitor and display various environment and energy-related metrics from inside the apartment. It also has the ability to activate and deactivate appliances throughout the home to regulate the indoor environment.  

A Raemian Green Energy HomeLab guide demonstrates how the Mirror HAS can be used to monitor your eco-friendly, connected home.

The Smart Eco Shower is also part of the Smart Energy technology, displaying the temperature and amount of water being used to remind users to be more water conscious and responsible. Other Smart Energy technology includes a vertical toilet bowl and Household ESS.

The bathroom at the Raemian Green Energy HomeLab is filled with energy saving technology to help you live a greener life.

In one of the more unique aspects of the Raemian Green Energy HomeLab, the Silent Home technology includes noise reduction floors for more harmonious neighborly living.

Live harmoniously with noise reduction flooring so you can walk around your home comfortably without bothering your neighbors.

Lastly, the Cozy Home technology includes smart bathroom ventilation fans and vacuum insulation composite board, while the Eco Green technology showcases fine dust reduction tree species, and a Green Wall Cooling System.

Experience Raemian Green Energy HomeLab

As the proving grounds for demonstrating Samsung C&T’s advanced eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions, there are always new and interesting IoT solutions to check out in person at the Raemian Green Energy HomeLab. Groups of up to 10 people can arrange tours by booking in advanced via the Raemian website at: www.raemian.co.kr. Tours take place three times per day, Monday to Saturday, and take approximately 50 minutes to complete.

For more information about Samsung C&T’s smart home solutions, visit the Samsung C&T website.

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