5 reasons why Raemian is Korea’s #1 housing choice

While in the West, many consider a private house with a garden to be the pinnacle of their housing dreams, things are very different in Northeast Asian countries like Korea. Here, apartments rule the roost.

Why? Well for a start, they offer enormous convenience for Korean city dwellers – with 24-hour security, on-site maintenance staff and ample parking facilities. And when it comes to picking the right apartment, Korean residents usually prefer to choose housing built by brands they know and trust. Samsung C&T, for instance, has a long-standing international pedigree of building landmark skyscrapers all over the world, including the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (the world’s tallest building) and Malaysia’s famous Petronas Towers.

This sort of construction expertise has helped the company’s Raemian apartment brand top both the National Brand Competitiveness Index for 16 consecutive years and bag over 21 annual National Customer Satisfaction Index first-place rankings.

Here are five neat things Raemian housing lets apartment-dwellers do:

1. Fight back against air pollution

Living with increasingly high levels of air pollution has become a daily reality for people in many parts of the world, including Europe and Asia. Fine dust particles have been proven to cause all sorts of ails, including cancerbirth defects and cardiovascular complications.

Fortunately, Raemian housing features a veritable arsenal of anti-pollution wizardry that means no matter how bad the outside air gets, families can breathe easy at home.

Air showers help brush off pollutants at many building entranceways. Then, the minute you step through your door, an entrance air cleaning system helps you brush off any remaining particles. A smart air filtering system means you do not have to fret about manually tweaking air purifier settings, while new Green Energy HomeLab innovations offer yet more protection from airborne nasties.

The portable, smart Home Cube, meanwhile, provides you with real-time air quality readings, and there is even a CO2 filtration system that protects residents from harmful gases.

The brand’s Head of Product Design Kim Myung-seok explains that the latest Raemian dust-busting innovation is Samsung Super Plasma Ion technology. “It’s the same sort of precision cleaning technology used in semiconductor factories,” says Kim. “We wanted to give people the opportunity to enjoy that same level of air purity in their homes.”

2. Put your children’s needs first

Samsung Super Plasma Ion technology is not just a dust-buster. It also lets you filter your living space for bacteria and viruses – ideal for parents with young children.

In fact, Raemian gets many of its best child-friendly ideas from parents’ feedback. Raemian has operated a residents’ advisory group for parents ever since 1998. Some of the group’s most recent ideas are now being reflected in new Raemian homes, with additional dressing space included in children’s rooms and family bathrooms – because little ones need extra elbow room, too!

And with high-tech innovations like a smart speaker, which can be used for interactive language-learning, children can engage in fun, educational activities from the comfort of their bedrooms.

Raemian’s Prestige line of apartments also feature community facilities for children and adults alike, with saunas, swimming pools, fitness centers, golf practice facilities, dining areas, reading rooms, indoor children’s playrooms and cafes.

3. Live in a home that moves at the speed of technology

Smart technology, IoT innovations and Industry 4.0-era devices are now being built into new apartment units.

Many Raemian homes feature advances such as smart fridge-mounted TVs that let home cooks peruse recipes on the internet without getting their smartphone screens covered in dough, flour or cooking oil! You can bathe smarter, too, with the Smart Eco Shower’s interactive temperature and water usage readouts.

Residents can get their homes nice and cozy before they even arrive, switching on lights, electronic devices or regulating heating and air conditioning. You can tweak all this and more from your phone on the commute home via the Raemian IoT HomeLab. And with voice and gesture commands, you can go hands-free at home, opening and closing curtains or illuminating entire rooms.

Smart technology can also mean lower overheads. There are plenty of cost-saving benefits to be had with Raemian’s energy-saving technology, with bright, low-power LED lighting, pre-installed solar panels and heat-conserving vacuum insulation composite boards. Residents who like to stay in the loop can check on their energy savings with the Mirror HAS’ power data monitoring functions.

4. Play in amazing outside areas

A nice, cozy home is only one part of the residential puzzle. Family friendly outdoor facilities are also essential for exercise-keen residents, pet owners and parents.

Most Korean apartment complexes feature tree-lined walkways and fun children’s play areas. And Raemian complexes are no exception, with plenty of swings, jungle gyms, garden areas and much more, all located on-site.

However, residents know that facilities like these are of little help when pollution is high, or when temperatures soar. That is why Samsung C&T has developed Eco Green cool mist systems for new Raemian apartment complexes. These provide two key functions: they cool down playgrounds and walkways on hot days, and wash away airborne pollutants – so kids can tear about outside to their hearts’ content.

5. Enjoy secure, safe residential space

Security is paramount for urbanites in 2019. Families with young children or older relatives often complain that remembering codes or carrying keys can prove challenging.

Two Raemian innovations help do away with worries about mislaying or forgetting keys and codes. Newer Raemian apartments feature facial recognition technology, which allows all family members to come and go as they please. Door-mounted sensors simply scan your face and let you straight in if you are one of the family, and stay safely bolted should an intruder try to get in.

Wearables can be of massive help to the elderly and the very young, and a great convenience for everyone in between. Raemian’s One Tag Pass lets residents pass unimpeded through communal entrances and gates, automatically call elevators – and even helps find your car when you forget which part of the lot you parked it in last night!

For more information about Samsung C&T’s residential developments, visit the Samsung C&T website. And if you would like to learn more about Raemian apartments – or even visit a show-house – head over to www.raemian.co.kr

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