Photo contest produces stunning portraits of construction life

The winners of this year’s Samsung C&T Site Photo Contest are in and we have some spectacular snapshots of the company’s construction projects around the world.

Participants captured images of their colleagues in an amazingly diverse range of situations, whether persevering under the blazing sun, working high in the sky, or enjoying a moment of solidarity.

In the end, 120 photos were submitted. One of them was chosen for first place, another for second, and ten more for third divided into two categories. The results are truly inspiring.

First Place

This photo shows workers on a tower crane while the sun sets beyond the Star Residence site in Malaysia. The tranquility of the evening glow is contrasted with the intensity of the dizzying height the workers are able to cope with as they are driven by passion and energy. The image was captured by Kim Byung-yong, who was on site as a safety supervisor.

“The workers at the site were busy putting together a secondary crane to be used in dismantling the primary crane, and the sun was setting. I was impressed by their commitment to safety and patience and thought the glowing sky made for an amazing backdrop,” Kim explains.

“In completing this high-altitude, high-risk task, the crew worked together as a team and successfully dismantled the tower crane without a single safety incident,” he added.

Second Place

Teamwork takes various forms, and the workers at the T213 site in Singapore showed their willingness to come together and share an important message.

“The goal is for all site personnel from project partners to laborers to keep working together as a solitary unit and complete the remaining tasks of the project without running into any safety-related issues,” Lee Keun, who took this photo, says.

“The site’s project manager firmly believes accidents can be fully avoided if everyone involved takes an interest in and commits themselves to site safety, and so I asked folks at the site to stand in formation and took this photo that represents the site’s spirit of Together Safety,” Lee adds.

Third Place – Scenic Category

This photo shows a project in Bundang, half an hour south of the South Korean capital – it dares the onlooker to reach for the sky!

Third place – Scenic Category

The popular South Korean resort city of Gangneung is famous for its seafood, and it is not hard to notice the shape of a crab rising from this site.

Third Place – Scenic Category

It is inspiring for construction workers to envisage how their development will turn out against Mumbai’s night sky.

Third Place – Scenic Category

Hong Kong’s ordered dynamism is captured by this airport snapshot.

Third Place – Scenic Category

Imagine farmers in a rice paddy and this beautiful photo takes on another layer of symbolism.

Third place – People Category

Moving on to the People Category, here is a rugged shot of men hard at work in an urban environment, with Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers rising behind in black and white – Petronas Twin Tower 2 was also constructed by Samsung C&T.

Third place – People Category

The Korean text on the signage gives away the location for this shot, but the calm confidence of the workers in this image is something all sites can aspire to.

Third Place – People Category

Having a laugh on the job sweetens any work atmosphere, and this site in China’s Xi’an is no exception.

Third Place – People Category

Third Place – People Category

The Raemian apartment brand is loved for his luxurious interior and exterior designs, but here is another side of the construction process – and cleaning up is not so bad with colleagues!

These colleagues are jumping for joy on a visit to N Seoul Tower, which stands tall in the center of the South Korean capital.

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